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cute puppies and kitten

December 5, 2023


From Tails to Whiskers: Anko's Pet Care Essentials

Discover Anko's delightful range of Pet Care Essentials, a collection designed to ensure the well-being of your furry family members with playful toys, grooming products, and practical accessories for both cats and dogs!

edamama's Dream Nursery Makeover Winner

November 29, 2023


Dream Nursery: A Loving Gift from edamama and Home Buddies

Discover the heartwarming journey of Mama Nina and her family as they receive a dream nursery makeover worth 100,000 pesos, courtesy of edamama in collaboration with Home Buddies. This article delves into the creation of a safe, cozy, and explorative space for their miracle baby Sean, featuring insights from interior designer Jennine Sze and showcasing a variety of trusted, child-friendly products.

Tiny Buds Products

November 28, 2023


Why Choose Tiny Buds?

Discover Tiny Bud's delightful range of natural and safe baby care products during our Mega Brand Day from Nov 28-30. Seize this opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts, flash deals, and special freebies, all designed to nurture your baby's growth and ensure their comfort.

edamama's Gift to Give Program

November 13, 2023


Making Spirits Bright: edamama's Annual Gift to Give Initiative

Christmas can be even better when you show love and generosity to people in need. Through edamama’s Gift Registry feature, you can help provide basic essentials to beneficiaries that advocate for adoption, foster care, and promote a better family environment. Read through this article to know how to donate!

asian kids taking a bath in tub

November 6, 2023


8 Reasons Why Mamas Love This Skincare Brand

Explore the perfect blend of gentleness and care with NIVEA's top skincare selections for mothers and babies. Discover the eight essential reasons that make NIVEA a trusted name for nourishing and protecting delicate skin with quality and love.

pampers touch of nature diaper pants

November 5, 2023


Pampers’ Newest Innovation: Touch of Nature Diaper Pants

Parents strive to make informed decisions when it comes to their babies' essentials. This includes choosing the perfect diaper pants out there in the market. Pampers will be launching their latest Touch of Nature Diaper Pants! Continue reading to know more about the product and check them out via edamama!

mother and newborn baby in hospital

October 3, 2023


Hospital Checklist: What to Pack in Your Bag (2023)

Ready for a stress-free due date? Prepare for your baby's arrival with a downloadable hospital checklist as you pack your bag, with updated safety protocols!

pregnant woman holding baby shoes

October 3, 2023


Pregnancy Milestones to Look Forward To in Every Trimester

Pregnancy is a huge milestone, and each trimester is filled with “mini milestones” that are worth noting and looking forward to.

breastfeeding problems

October 3, 2023


8 Common Breastfeeding Problems And How To Deal With Them

While breastfeeding is a natural thing to do, it doesn’t come easy for many new moms. Here's a list of the common problems you may encounter and how you can solve them. 

October 3, 2023


Should I Use Air Conditioning When a Baby Has Cough and Colds?

Children are more prone to coughing with phlegm or contracting a cold when the weather fluctuates or when the temperature suddenly drops. How about when they’re constantly in air conditioned rooms?

pregnant woman with checklist preparing hospital bag

October 3, 2023


The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist For Mama, Papa, and Baby

Preparing for a hospital stay can be stressful, but don't worry -- this ultimate guide will ensure that mama, papa and baby are all equipped with everything they need.

kid hugging red heart

October 3, 2023


The 7 Year Old Who Left The Nation In Tears With Her Wisdom

A 7-year-old girl, Annika Co, offered wisdom beyond her years during a segment of GTV's "It's Showtime". During an impromptu skit with Vice Ganda, she provided comforting words about self-worth, resonating with the audience and fellow actress, Anne Curtis.

Health Remedies for your Little One

September 27, 2023


8 Health Remedies for Your Little One

With all the various common health concerns every baby can encounter as they grow, there are certain solutions or remedies that can be done right away! Mamas and papas opt to find the best products to be used on their little one. This article will feature 8 health remedies that can be done to provide comfort solutions to baby health challenges.

8 Breastfeeding Friendly Lounges in the Metro

September 27, 2023


8 Breastfeeding Friendly Lounges in the Metro 2023

Discover 8 nursing stations in the metro that are perfect for breastfeeding moms. Find a comfortable and private space to nurse your baby with this helpful guide.

Mama and Baby Bath Time Fun

September 25, 2023


8 Ways to Make Mama & Baby Bath Time More Fun

Elevate your bath time bonding with these eight creative tips for making the experience more enjoyable for both mama and baby. From introducing playful tunes and toys to the bath to pampering yourselves with luxurious Dove products, discover how to transform this daily routine into a delightful and memorable occasion.

protect your family from smog

September 22, 2023


9 Tips to Protect Your Family from Smog

Has it been hazy in your area too? Here are practical tips and products you can use to cope with the smog around Metro Manila today.

car seats for babies and children

September 8, 2023


Your Guide to the Best Car Seats for Your Children

Ensure your little one is strapped in safely in your vehicles with the best car seat you can find! Check out these options for your next car seat for your little one.

edamama Connect: Tips on Healthy Breastfeeding from Dr. Lianne Racoma

September 7, 2023


Dr. Lianne Racoma Gives Tips on Healthy Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural way to nourish your baby, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming. Dr. Lianne Racoma shares her insights on everything from debunking breast milk production myth to having plugged milk duct.

edamama Connect: 9 Essential Breastfeeding Doctor Tips for New Moms

August 31, 2023


9 Essential Breastfeeding Doctor Tips for New Moms

Dive into the intricate world of breastfeeding with our expert, Doc. Arbie. From demystifying breast milk's nature to understanding the effects of lifestyle choices on lactation, this guide covers it all. Whether you're battling myths about alcohol consumption and breastfeeding, seeking clarity on supplements, or simply aiming for a smoother journey, these nine invaluable insights will empower every mother.

asian woman doing yoga at home

August 30, 2023


Did Somebody Say Yoga?: Exercise and Self Care

It’s always good to take some time and do what you can to take care of yourself. With that in mind, we’ll give you a few ideas on what you can do when you need to take a break. From a simple yoga flow to other activities you can do to treat yourself and take things easy, these suggestions won’t be too complicated to do. What’s more, they’ll still give you that much-needed breather you need after a busy day, week, or what have you.

Little girl has skin rash on her arm from mosquitoes

August 24, 2023


Prevent Your Family from Having Dengue: A Gentle Approach

Defend your loved ones from the lurking menace of dengue mosquitoes in the Philippines with gentle, tailored protection. Embrace every outdoor adventure with confidence, ensuring each memory is cherished and free from the worries of mosquito-borne threats.

asian kid showing heart sign

August 23, 2023


Discovering Your Child's Secret Love Language: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wondered why some gestures make your child's day while others go unnoticed? Dive into the seven love languages to unveil the secrets of your child's heart and learn how to connect on a deeper level.

cute asian baby taking a bath

August 23, 2023


Nourish Baby Skin Early with Cetaphil Baby

Parents always want the best for their little ones, especially when it comes to their delicate skin. Cetaphil Baby, recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians, offers gentle and hypoallergenic products. Discover the ideal way to give your baby's skin the healthy start it deserves with Cetaphil Baby!

Tiny Buds Rainy Day Essentials

August 18, 2023


Rainy Day Essentials with Tiny Buds

Keep your little ones safe and dry during the rainy season with Tiny Buds! Mamas can prepare the perfect essentials to provide comfort and avoid troubles brought by the stormy weather. Read more to spot the best products you can rely on during these damp days!

happy asian parents with their son

August 15, 2023


5 Traditional Child-Rearing Practices New Parents Would Not Do

Parenting practices change over time. Traditional Filipino parenting approaches are taken differently by modern mamas and papas today. This article will feature five (5) different child-rearing practices that new generational parents opt not to do anymore when raising their kids as well as other alternative methods.