12 Must-Buy Items in edamama's 6.6 Sale That Every Parent Should Consider

ByDara EvangelistaMay 29, 2023
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Parenting comes with a long list of essentials - diapers, baby wash, clothing, toys, and more. And when you're balancing a budget, these expenses can add up. But worry not, because Edamama's 6.6 sale is here to offer you the best deals for all your parenting needs. From baby essentials to educational toys, here are 12 items you should consider adding to your cart during this massive sale.
1.) Moose Gear Baby - Tape Diapers Small (30 pcs)
A baby's comfort is a parent's top priority and these diapers from Moose Gear promise just that. With its snug fit and superior absorbency, it's a steal at Edamama's 6.6 sale. Say goodbye to leaks and hello to savings!
2.) Breeze - Baby Liquid Detergent Gentle and Free Pouch (650ml)
Keep your baby's clothes fresh and clean with Breeze's Baby Liquid Detergent. It's specially formulated to be gentle on your baby's skin while effectively removing stains. Grab this deal and ensure your baby's outfits are spotless without breaking the bank.
3.) Tiny Buds - Calm Tummies Colic Baby Massage Oil (50ml)
This massage oil is a must-have for parents of colicky babies. The natural ingredients in this product help soothe your baby's discomfort, making it an essential item for your baby care routine. Take advantage of the sale and stock up!
4.) Anko - World Map Puzzle
Make learning fun for your little ones with this World Map Puzzle by Anko. Not only is it a great tool for teaching geography, but it also enhances problem-solving skills. Get it at a discounted price during the 6.6 sale and make learning more affordable.
5.) Elin - Estelle Maternity Dress
Who says maternity clothes can't be stylish? The Estelle Maternity Dress by Elin combines comfort and style, perfect for expecting moms. Take advantage of the 6.6 sale and add this fashionable piece to your maternity wardrobe.
6.) Little Dragon - Gentle Baby Moisturiser Pump Bottle (250ml)
Keep your baby's skin soft and moisturized with Little Dragon's Gentle Baby Moisturiser. It's perfect for delicate skin and the pump bottle makes application easy and convenient. Grab it during the sale and keep your baby's skin happy!
7.) Juju Nursery - Ruffled Cotton Baby Nest
This cozy baby nest from Juju Nursery provides a safe and comfortable space for your baby. The ruffled cotton design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly soft. Score this essential item at a discount during the 6.6 sale!
8.) Looping - Scootizz
Encourage outdoor play with the Looping Scootizz. It's perfect for developing motor skills and balance in a fun and engaging way. Don't miss the chance to get this at a reduced price during the sale.
9.) BOON - PULP Silicone Feeder (2-Pack) BPA-Free
Make feeding time less messy with this Silicone Feeder from BOON. It's BPA-free and perfect for introducing your baby to solid food. Grab this deal during the 6.6 sale and make meal times more manageable.
10.) bean - Wogi Play 3-Piece T-shirt Set with Shorts and Bag
Dress your little ones in style with this 3-piece set from bean. It comes with a shirt, shorts, and a bag - everything you need for a fun day out. Get it at a discounted price during the 6.6 sale and enjoy fashionable, comfortable outfits for your kids.
11.) Pigeon - Wideneck Version 3 PP Pro Bottle Twin Pack (240ml)
These feeding bottles by Pigeon are designed to mimic the feeding movements that babies perform when drinking from a mother's breast. They support breastfeeding moms by enabling seamless feeding from both breast and bottle. The bottles are made with durable and lightweight PP material, and come with an anti-colic advanced air vent system that minimizes swallowed air as the baby drinks. Perfect for babies of all ages, these bottles are a great buy at the 6.6 sale​
12.) Tender Care- Jasmine Cotton Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wash (500ml)
Keep your baby clean and smelling delightful with Tender Care's Jasmine Cotton Baby Wash. This hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested baby wash is free from parabens and silicones, ensuring your baby's skin is well-protected. Its Jasmine-and-Cotton-inspired scent gently lifts away dirt and other irritants, keeping your baby ready for another adventure. Don't miss out on this deal during the 6.6 sale
With these 12 essentials at discounted prices during Edamama's 6.6 sale, you can get everything you need for your little ones without stretching your budget. Remember, it's not just about saving money, it's about making smart choices for your family. Happy shopping!
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