8 Health Remedies for Your Little One

ByTrinity MatiasSeptember 27, 2023
Health Remedies for your Little One
The safety and well-being of our little ones are always at the forefront of every parent's mind. From the moment they enter our lives, safeguarding their health becomes a top priority for mamas and papas! It is normal for your babies to experience common concerns while growing up. This article will feature health remedies for these concerns that parents can try as they nurture and care for their precious ones.
As September draws to a close, marking the end of Baby Safety Month, it's a perfect time to reflect on these tips that can help ensure the healthiness and happiness of your baby. See these remedies that are valuable solutions to everyday baby health challenges, offering peace of mind to mamas and papas everywhere.

Health Remedies for Common Concerns

Every little one may experience some post-vaccination woes. It’s not uncommon for babies to go through this given that there are numerous vaccines to be taken during their age. It’s best to calm young infants by swaddling them, while hugs and cuddles for older babies.
Aside from these, mamas and papas can comfort their little ones during this moment by finding products like Tiny Buds After Shots Baby Vaccinations Gel. It is understandable that there may be some mild reactions to your child such as swelling, redness, or even after shot pain. This clear, gentle gel is specially made to alleviate the post-effect of the vaccine. It can help with the stinging sensation that occur at the injection site – thanks to the natural ingredients used such as Honey Bee Propolis, free from harmful chemicals, steroids, and parabens. This will definitely be useful for your baby’s delicate skin!
There are mosquitoes almost everywhere you go! Mamas and papas are definitely concerned about this as one mosquito bite can lead to a very alarming sickness like Dengue. In a tropical country like the Philippines, Dengue is already common. The best way to act upon this is to have preventative measures at home to keep your baby and the rest of the family away from mosquitoes. As a tip, make sure that there is no stagnant water around your home, healthy air is being circulated, and also have products that can contribute extra protection for your little one.
Tiny Buds has different items readily available to combat the presence of mosquitoes – the Gone Away collection! There are three (3) items that parents can choose from that will serve as their mosquito repellent to shoo mosquitoes away. One of these is the Tiny Buds Gone Away Natural Citronella Lotion which is made of ingredients like lemon, eucalyptus, citronella, and virgin coconut oil, offers up to 3 hours of protection and is gentle on your little one’s skin.
Another product is the Tiny Buds Gone Away Spray for mamas and papas that are usually on the go! Using this spray is more convenient to use. It is also made of natural ingredients which is safe for babies and even mamas and papas. One spray provides a fresh scent and can last from day to night.
Lastly, an alternative every parent can use for their children is the Tiny Buds Gone Away Stick Ons (12pcs) & Tiny Buds Gone Away Stick-Ons - 2 Sheets (2 x 12pcs) which is a convenient and colorful stick on made of citronella, lemon, eucalyptus, and other plant-based ingredients that can last up to 6 hours! Mamas and papas can put this not just on clothes but even on baby’s crib, sheets, stroller, swaddle, and car seat.
But if your precious one already got bitten by a mosquito, Tiny Buds also has the Tiny Buds After Bites Natural Soothing Gel to reduce the pain and itch of the mosquito bite. This can also be used for other insect bites and minor skin irritations such as cuts and bruises! This non-sticky soothing gel aims to instantly soothe the itchiness and redness of the bite. Mamas and papas don’t have to worry as this product is trusted by pediatricians.
Our little ones cannot avoid getting minor cuts or bruises, given that they are very playful and curious at their young age. Mamas and papas may encounter their babies crying so much because they got a boo boo. As a remedy to this, Tiny Buds has the Buu Buu product line to save the day!
The first step to conducting boo boo care is to clean the affected area first. This can be done by using the Tiny Buds BuuBuu Cleansing Spray which cleanses and soothes the skin without stinging. Of course, we would always want the best product to not hurt our little one. It’s a product without any harsh chemicals. After this, the next step is to apply cream or soothing gel to reduce the pain . The Tiny Buds BuuBuu Gel Skin Soothing Gel offers a cooling and soothing effect to your baby’s boo boo. After cleaning and lessening the pain from the wound, the Tiny Buds Buu Buu Bands Baby Bandages are now ready to be applied. These bandages help cover the wound to avoid any other dirt or debris.It is recommended to change the bands after 3 to 4 hours.
After a while, these wounds will then become scars. As a tip to mamas and papas, they can use the Tiny Buds Lighten Up! Scar Gel that is made of natural ingredients and aids in reducing the visible scars and dark marks from the wound. This is safe for sensitive skin because of the natural ingredients used when creating this product. The gel works best in lightening dark marks from mosquito bites, cuts, scratches, and more.
Given that we are in a country where the weather usually changes from time to time, there are rainy days followed by sunny days, or vice versa. This may cause your little ones colds and a stuffy nose. Aside from keeping them hydrated, or performing baby nose suctioning, another way to somehow relieve this is by using the Tiny Buds Stuffy Nose Natural Baby Chest Rub Oil. This massaging oil aims to provide comfort and relief for your baby’s existing colds. It is safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin as it is made with natural essential oils. Mamas and papas can use this product every after bath or before bedtime. Safe for babies ages 6 months and up!
One way to lower down the temperature of your baby’s fever is to use cooling patches or sheets. Tiny Buds has their Tiny Buds BuuBuu Cold & Hot Packs and Tiny Buds BuuBuu Cooling Strips that mamas and papas can try putting on their little ones. The cold and hot packs contain two different reusable gel packs that suit toddlers and kids – it has a high-grade PVC that allows a switch between cold and hot temperatures. Meanwhile, the cooling strips are made out of gel surface that absorbs heat quickly. Aside from these, as a measure to address fever, mamas and papas should have medications readily available for your baby to regulate their temperature moving forward.
Babies can experience an upset stomach at their early stages. This can be caused by a variety of reasons from having excess gas, to getting milk protein allergy, and more. Mamas and papas may need to have their little ones checked by a pediatrician soon enough, but as a home remedy, they can use this Tiny Buds Calm Tummies - Colic Baby Massage Oil to relieve gas and discomfort. The main ingredient of this oil is natural ginger and fennel, wherein applying the said oil is best when massaging your baby’s back and stomach. It’s recommended to use this after a warm bath or during tummy time. This product is trusted by pediatricians!
Babies have very soft and sensitive skin which leads them to encountering skin challenges such as baby acne. Though temporary, this condition develops small, red or white bumps on your baby's face – especially on their cheeks, nose, and forehead. Moreover, the drool rashes (caused by excessive drooling) can contribute to the dry and rough patches on their delicate skin. Good thing there is also a product from Tiny Buds, which is the Tiny Buds Acne Natural Soothing Gel to come to the rescue. This soothing gel is specially formulated to provide relief to your little one’s sensitive and delicate skin, addressing baby skin concerns. It is infused with a blend of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera. All mamas and papas have to do is just apply the gel to the affected area. It must be remembered that if symptoms persist, it’s best to consult with your pediatrician.
Your little ones are such bundles of joy, no doubt! However, they sometimes experience those tiny inconveniences too, like hiccups. While baby hiccups are usually harmless, this interrupts their playing time and feeding patterns, and can also bring discomfort. This is where Tiny Buds Premium Natural Oil Hicc-Off Baby Oil comes in handy! This premium baby oil is a gentle and natural solution to ease your baby’s hiccups. Made with care and containing natural ingredients (sunflower and refreshing peppermint), this can be rubbed on your baby’s delicate skin. With regards to the frequency of using this product, there’s no need to apply it on a daily basis. Simply reach for this product when you hear those cute hiccups!

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