From Tails to Whiskers: Anko's Pet Care Essentials

ByTrinity MatiasDecember 5, 2023
cute puppies and kitten
Anko, an Australian brand celebrated for its high-quality, functional, and minimalist range of children's toys and family-oriented products, now brings joy to the furriest members of the household! With the introduction of Anko’s Pet Care Essentials, the brand reaffirms its commitment to the happiness and well-being of every family member, paws included.
This latest collection is thoughtfully designed to ensure that pets are pampered and parents find joy in the ease and affordability of pet care. It caters to the playful, the cuddly, and the adventurous spirits of pets, all the while keeping in mind the practical needs of pet parents.
Here’s a glimpse of the essentials that are set to make tails wag and hearts warm:

1. The Dog Harness is engineered for secure and snug walks, ensuring your doggo’s comfort on every adventure.
2. For the little learners, the Puppy Collar & Lead are the perfect pair for safe explorations and foundational training.

3. The Cat Toy Basket 12 Pack promises a carousel of delights for your curious cat.
4. The Cat Grooming Pad not only keeps your kitty well-groomed but also strengthens your bond through the power of purr-inducing massages.
5. The Cat Collar is the epitome of style meets safety, ensuring your feline is both dapper and secure.

6. Keep your pet's feeding area tidy and clean with the Pet Feeding Mat.
7. The Pet Slow Eat Mat encourages slower eating, aiding digestion and adding a fun challenge to mealtime.
8. Add a dash of style with the Pet Bowl Twin. The perfect way to feed your furry friends without creating messy spills inside the house.

9. The Pet Travel Bottle - Leaf is a travel essential for keeping pets quenched wherever the journey takes you.
10. The Pet Toy Plush Cow is ready to be your pet’s new snuggle sidekick, be it cat or canine.
Anko is excited to welcome pets into its circle of care with a special promotion. Customers can use the code FREESHIP23 to enjoy complimentary nationwide shipping on these pet care essentials. Let your furry friends revel in the spotlight of your love and care, courtesy of Anko! Order from www.edamama.ph today!
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