Baby Bath Tubs: Why You Need Them and How to Choose the Right One

ByFrances ChavezJanuary 10, 2022
bathing in a baby bath tub
Bathing your newborn or toddler can be a daunting task especially when it's your first time doing so. Worried that your bath time might not be as fun or safe as you thought? Don't you worry, mama! There are loads of products that will help you with this like baby shampoos, toys, and of course, baby bathtubs.
The Benefits of Having a Baby Bath Tub
Unsure of whether or not you should purchase and use a baby bathtub? It's alright, mama, we've listed down the reasons and benefits of why using one will give you and your child a safer and more enjoyable bathing experience.
1. Baby bath tubs are safer than kitchen and bathroom sinks.
• Most baby bathtubs are made to be anti-slip. You can reduce the risk of any accidents especially when your baby is fussy while you're bathing them.
• Baby bathtubs are made of safe non-toxic plastic material which can help calm and relax newborns while you bathe them or while they play with different toys.
• Some baby bathtubs come with a contoured headrest where you can lay your child's head down to make sure it stays above water level. This reduces the risk of your baby drowning despite the shallow waters.
Mama tip: If you have a newborn, it's best to purchase a baby bathtub with a net such as Nuborn.ph's Fold-A-Tub with Bath Support Net. Alternatively, you can buy Coco Lala's Water Drop Newborn Bath Cushion to attach to your tub.
2. It's convenient for mamas and for any family member who is bathing the baby.
• Mothers who have just given birth or got a CS would no longer have to bend or squat down by an adult bathtub as there are baby bathtubs made to fit in your kitchen sink.
• You also won't get fatigued carrying or holding your child since the baby can safely lie down or sit in the tub.
3. You can save money.
• Instead of bathing your baby directly under a faucet, which isn't only unsafe but also wasteful of water, you can use a bathtub to bathe your child at the recommended temperature of the water.
• If you buy a bathtub for a newborn now, given the rate of growth of babies, you can sell your bathtub once your child outgrows its old one. Or, you can also decide to spend only once and purchase a bathtub that can "grow" with your baby.
4. You can save time, space, and effort.
• Easier to drain, dry, and clean, you don't have to spend much time disinfecting your kitchen or bathroom sink before your baby's bath.
• Some baby bathtubs are also collapsible and portable. It's perfect for when you don't have much storage space at home or when you're planning to go on a family trip.
5. Depending on the bath tub you buy, bathing preparations can be easier and done quicker.
• Some baby bathtubs come equipped with a digital thermometer so you won't have to check the water's temperature with your hand or elbow.
• Others have a water fill line so you won't have to worry about overfilling your tub.
• Most of the bathtubs have a drain plug for easier cleaning.
How to Choose the Right Baby Bath Tub
Now that you know the benefits, it's time for you to consider whether or not to buy a baby bathtub for your child. If you're convinced but you're still unsure of which kind to buy, here are some reminders and tips for you.
• Take into consideration the size of your sink or the storage space in your house. For small houses or spaces, we recommend that you purchase a collapsible or foldable baby bathtub.
• Keep in mind the age of your baby. Newborns should be bathed in a bathtub with a net attached or at least should have a support that can be removed when the baby grows older.
• Consider your baby's position preferences. There are different positions babies may prefer to stay in while bathing such as reclined, sitting, or standing. It's best to purchase a tub that'll accommodate their favorite.
• Know your budget. If you have a limited budget, best to look into buying a bathtub that your child can use until they are a toddler.
How to Use a Baby Bath Tub
Once you've got yourself a bathtub, you might be wondering how to use it safely. Here's a quick rundown of how to use it.
1. Clean your baby bathtub before use. You can use either a gentle multi-purpose cleaner, liquid soap, vinegar, or a baking soda paste.
2. Make sure to wipe it with a clean rag and allow it to air dry after soaping, cleaning, and rinsing.
3. Before bath time, do remember to place your bathtub snug in the sink or on an even surface area that's easy to clean.
Equipped with all this knowledge of the benefits of using a baby bathtub as well as tips and tricks on how to get started on using one, you're ready to take on the challenge of baby bathing in a safe and enjoyable way! Hoping every moment spent with your child, including the simple everyday ones like bathing, is a memorable one.
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