Easy guide for mamas: Benefits of using a cloth diaper

ByTiffany ReyesNovember 22, 2022
Baby wearing cloth diaper
Say “cloth diaper” to different people and you’re bound to get different responses. Some will think it’s the leaky but cheap “lampin” that generations of Filipinos are familiar with. Others will probably think it’s a step back from the convenience of disposable diapers. A few will likely think of a diaper that can be reused over and over again and will biodegrade more quickly than disposable diapers.
But what does “cloth diaper” actually mean these days? Here we list some of the important characteristics of cloth diapers to help us become more aware of what they actually are.
1.) Cloth diapers are varied
There are several varieties of cloth diapers these days. You can have anything from a basic piece of cloth held together by diaper pins to a complex-design item like Snappies cloth diapers that uses the latest technology in reusable diapers. While there are many kinds of cloth diapers, they definitely have varying levels of quality and sophistication.
Make sure the first cloth diaper you buy is of high quality. Check out Snappies Plain Blue Gear Cloth Diaper, priced at PhP 299 per piece.
2.) Cloth diapers are reusable
Perhaps the most essential characteristic of cloth diapers is that they are made of fabrics that are washable and therefore reusable. Cloth diapers can be reused several times as long as they are washed properly.
Microfiber inserts increase the reusability and functionality of cloth diapers. Try Snappies 4-Layer Bamboo Charcoal Insert, priced at PhP 399 for a set of 5 pieces.
3.) Cloth diapers cause less irritation
Due to their use of breathable fabrics like cotton, cloth diapers are less prone to causing skin irritation. Since a common cause of diaper rash is excess heat, using cloth diapers can help reduce or prevent diaper rash.
Unlike disposable diapers, cloth diapers have little or no chemicals in them, so there are also fewer allergens. This also helps prevent skin irritation.
Try cloth diapers with cool colors like Snappies Plain Green Gear Cloth Diaper for your baby.
4.) Cloth diapers are more environment-friendly
Did you know that disposable diapers will take, on average, 500 years to fully biodegrade? This means your baby’s used disposable diaper may still be intact several centuries after you’ve thrown it away. While they are slowly decomposing, these diapers take up lots of space in landfills and garbage dumps, which means they contribute to pollution. Most cloth diapers do not have this problem because they can biodegrade more quickly than disposable diapers.
Make sure though that when you wash your baby’s cloth diapers you are also doing it in an environment-friendly way (such as by using less water and air-drying) so that the environmental benefits are not offset.
Reduce your carbon footprint with Snappies Aquamarine Buddies Cloth Diaper Set of 2, priced at PhP 579 per set.
5.) Cloth diapers are more economical
In the short term, cloth diapers seem to be more expensive than disposable ones. But this is only because of the relatively higher initial cost of buying something that can be used many times. On a cost-per-use computation, cloth diapers in the long run eventually win against single-use, disposable diapers.
You can save more by buying cloth diapers in sets. Check out the Snappies Little Beans Joyful Elements Cloth Diaper Set of 6, priced at PhP 1,599 per set.
6.) Cloth diapers can help with potty training
A less obvious but nevertheless important feature of cloth diapers is their contribution to early potty training. The child’s awareness of the discomfort caused by a wet diaper, which is more common in cloth diapers than disposable ones, can help develop potty training habits in the early stages. The child can associate the wet diaper with the process of urination, and this serves as a foundation for potty training later.
Potty training and diaper changing do not have to be arduous or boring. Your baby may enjoy diaper changes when they see the different choices found in Snappies Little Beans Playful Elements Cloth Diaper Set of 6. Each set includes six cloth diapers in different designs, with six microfiber inserts. Priced at PhP 1,599 per set.
7.) Cloth Diapers can help prevent infections
When used correctly, cloth diapers can help prevent urinary tract infections. This is mainly because cloth diapers need to be changed more frequently than disposable ones. This ensures that the baby is regularly washed and inspected.
Enhance your baby’s protection from infection by using Snappies 3-layer microfiber insert with their Snappies cloth diapers. The inserts come in sets of 5, priced at PhP 299 per set.
8.) Cloth Diapers come in different designs and colors
Cloth diapers have come a long way from the basic white cloth of yesteryears. Cloth diapers these days can come in almost any color. They can also have different designs such as cartoon characters and other prints. Cloth diapers are not only functional, they are also fashionable!
Want to try a cloth diaper with a vibrant and exciting print? Check out Snappies Jungle City Gear cloth diaper, which retails for PhP 299 per piece.
To conclude, all these features provided by cloth diapers can be enjoyed if we use them properly and regularly. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the latest cloth diapers and experience the difference.
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