Breastfeeding covers: Your essential nursing buddy

ByTiffany ReyesAugust 2, 2023
Whether you’re a first time mama or a mom of three, you know that breastfeeding may be a different story for each child. However, one thing remains true; even if many people already advocate to normalize breastfeeding, most mamas prefer to have themselves covered when breastfeeding their children in public.
Breastfeeding cover is an essential for every nursing mama– this gives you the privacy you need, provides a safe space for your infant or toddler, may even be of multiple purposes when you’re out with your family.
Yes, you can have nursing cover the DIY way, like putting a scarf or towel on top of your button-down polo to ensure coverage. Another nursing cover how-to would be to find an old poncho to make it your breastfeeding cover, but you have consider the material and air circulation when you feed, because if your cover is too thick, you’ll definitely have to deal with a fussy baby.
This is why it is good to invest on a nursing cover that’s durable and comfortable to use, both for mom and baby. There are many available options in the market – from pure cotton to muslin-based, apron-like or scarf like nursing covers. Here are some nursing covers you can use for breastfeeding, especially when feeding your baby in a tropical country like the Philippines.
Look for multifunctional options
With rising costs of goods, it’s better if we are able to maximize the use of anything we purchase. Take this Little Totts Nursing Cover for example; priced at only P350, you get a breastfeeding cover that also has other uses like a stylish top, scarf, even a stroller and high-chair cover. Mamas also rave about how soft the fabric is.
Want a fashionable scarf that doubles up as carseat protector and breastfeeding cover? Pick a print from the Ministry of Milk’s Nursing Cover selection and enjoy its stretchabilty and usefulness. You may even use it as an added sanitation move when you’re at the grocery. Simply put it on the cart before letting your child sit. This breastfeeding cover is also purely handmade so you are assured of quality.
On a budget? Here are some affordable picks
Priced at also P350, Next9’s apron-like breastfeeding cover is also a steal. Its big size allows for maximum coverage, yet it is very lightweight and easy to fold for on-the-go mamas. It’s also perfect for pumping mamas. Use it to cover while you pump at the office, even while in the middle of a meeting!
If you need something bigger, then Enfant’s Balloon Nursing Cover is your best bet. It’s the perfect shelter for your maskless little one when out in public places. Made of delicate muslin but strong enough for daily machine wash, this one’s big enough to securely cover mama and baby.
Beat the heat: Choose the best fabrics
On the lookout for something really soft and comfortable to use? When out in the park or at the church with your family, you know it could be too hot to hide your baby while feeding. For this, you need to find a nursing cover that’s made of breathable materials like bamboo. Little K Side Button Nursing Poncho is made of 95 percent bamboo fibers, making it one of edamama’s 5-star nursing covers. It comes in different stylish shades too, so you can pair with with your top or even go twinning with your baby.
Apron-like Baboo Basix Phanpy nursing cover meanwhile provides adequate ventilation under the cover because of its bow-shaped neckline. The design also allows eye contact for mama and baby during feeding, even if the infant is under the breastfeeding cover. Made of pure natural cotton, the nursing cover comes with a storage bag for easy tidying.
Nursing cape is also another option. Though pricier than other covers, iFlin Baby My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape is well-loved by mamas due to its soft, cottony feel. It’s trendy with its collar cape neckline, while the whole cape provides 360 degrees full coverage.
Nursing cover as a tool for successful breastfeeding
Nursing covers help provide mamas a comfortable experience to breastfeed. Being able to feed your child on demand promotes better breastmilk production, because the body is told to keep up through your child’s suckling.
Working mamas also know how important it is to stick to a pumping schedule, to help stabulize breastmilk supply even when the baby is not latched during the day. If your at least 100-day maternity leave is over, you can continue the breastfeeding journey by pumping round the clock. Mothers on an 8-hour shift are entitled to a 40-minute lactation break on top of their lunch break, according to Republic Act 10028.
No need to get a disruptive pumping schedule when you can pump right at your desk, securely covered by a nursing cover, poncho, or scarf.
Breastfeeding is beautiful, no matter how tiring or painful it can be at times. Help yourself get a wonderful journey or help a fellow mama enjoy more bonding moments with their children. With full dedication and determination, paired with the right tools and breastfeeding knowledge, nursing your babies will be an unforgettable experience.

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