Breastfeeding Essentials for Every Type of Nursing Mom

ByFrances ChavezMay 26, 2023
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After you’ve gone past the wonders of pregnancy, the pain (and joy!) that is labor, here comes breastfeeding—an entirely different, but incredible, journey as you take on motherhood. Like any aspect of parenting, breastfeeding your little bub may not be easy. But you can tap these modern-day tools to help you get by during various stages or circumstances.
For the breastfeeding rookie
Hello, new mama! While you’re still recovering from childbirth and trying to figure out how you and baby can get that breastfeeding rhythm going, you can consider these items to help you.
1. Malunggay, malunggay, and more malunggay
Along with lots of water to keep you hydrated, this super vegetable helps improve milk production and milk flow, according to a 2013 study published in The Philippine Journal of Pediatrics. Drink up, add its powdered form in your soup or drinks, or take FDA-approved capsule forms. It also has lots of Vitamin C, which will help boost your immune system to help you get through sleepless nights.
Try these, mama: VPharma’s FDA-approved Mega-Malunggay capsules and Herbilogy breastfeeding tea
2. Colostrum storage
Store that precious colostrum! The first breastmilk your body produces—i.e., colostrum—contains antibodies that will help boost your baby’s immune system, among other benefits, according to University Hospital Southampton. While unlilatch remains the best option to help you bond with your baby and tell your body to produce more milk, some unexpected circumstances may pop up (such as a premature birth or baby not being able to latch properly) that will make it difficult for your baby to receive your colostrum. In instances like those, save your liquid gold in a resealable breastmilk bag for later use, and store it in a freezer in -18°C temp.
3. Breastfeeding cover
For the first few days, when you are still not used to feeding your baby in public, comfortably feed the little one under a cover—there are many stylish designs on the market that you can choose from.
Try these, mama: Next9 nursing cover
4. Comfortable nursing wear
Whether you’re still recovering from a Caesarian operation or normal delivery, slip into nursing wear that will let you breastfeed your baby with ease. Pick pieces that have no garters to hit your tummy area, and that ensure no unnecessary stomach exposure when feeding.
For the active mama
When you need to be away from the little one to do some errands (or if you’d like to sneak in some workout me-time), don’t fret if you’re lactating!
1. Milk collection shells
When you can’t sit still to pump and baby is away to latch when you have a milk letdown, use these collection shells. They are made to absorb leaking breastmilk.
Try this, mama: Li’l Twinkies BPA-free 2-in-1 milk collection shells, designed to fit most maternity bras, and made with food-grade materials
2. Breastfeeding wipes
After a day-out and baby is in a hurry to latch, you can tap these premium wipes to make sure that your breasts are clean for the next feed.
Try this, mama: Organic Baby Wipes
3. Seamless nursing bra
Lactating mamas usually experience engorgement, so brassiere comfort must be a priority. Invest in a nursing-friendly bra that supports to your breasts, whatever the size.
For the pumping mama
Working mamas who need to pump every 2 to 3 hours to continue providing milk for their babies must invest in the following items. These are also must-haves for mamas who aim for extended breastfeeding. Remember to keep pumping—breastmilk is best for babies up to 2 years and beyond.
1. Reliable breast pump
A good breast pump saves you time and maximizes that short lactation break. Get a double pump, if you can, to double your output; also, look for one that mimics baby’s warm mouth so that it can simulate actual feeding, aiding blood circulation and improved milk flow. Finally, make sure the pump you get works quietly so that you can pump even while baby is asleep.
2. Milk storage bags
Take advantage of your office’s maternity privileges and store your breastmilk in proper bags in the office refrigerator. (Don’t forget to label them!) For whatever amount of milk output, get milk storage bags that are durable and BPA-free.
3. Nursing cover
You can pump anywhere while staying completely covered. Just make sure you get a nursing cover that is lightweight (so you don’t get too hot) and is easy to store. You’ll never need to go hide in a meeting room or lactation area again.
Try this, mama: Latch&Hugs nursing cover
4. Pump parts cleaner
Of course, you have to keep your accessories clean all the time. Your best bet would be to use a liquid soap that is specially made to be safe for humans and the environment.
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