Diaper Brands Mamas Can't Live Without: The Ultimate List Reviewed By Real Mamas

ByDara EvangelistaJune 6, 2023
happy asian baby wearing a diaper
When it comes to parenting, one of the most important decisions a mama has to make is selecting the right diaper for her baby. With countless options available in the market, the choice can be overwhelming. Diapers need to be comfortable, absorbent, and most importantly, safe for a baby's sensitive skin. So, what do real mamas think about all the diaper brands out there?
To find the answer, we turned to our edamama Community. Our group of expert admins and top contributors provided their honest opinions and shared their experiences with various diaper brands. In their responses, they highlighted everything from quality and affordability to safety and comfort. Whether you're a new mama or a seasoned one, our community's favorite diapers listed below can help guide your next shopping decision. Enjoy the read and remember, every baby is unique – what works for one might not work for another! So, keep exploring until you find the perfect fit for your little one.
Bianka and Rose Marie Caldeo - Nastor declared Applecrumby as their top pick and urged the community to try out its designer editions.
Catherine Ann De Jesus and Ivy Rose Armenta likes Cuddly for its high quality. They feels it exceeded her expectations in terms of quality, all while being affordable.
Anna Kirsten (Top contributor) also applauds Cuddly Premium for exceeding her expectations. She finds it affordable and cost-effective.
Michelle Drilon and Camille Cris Fuentes Salinas recommend EQ Dry for its affordability and commendable quality.
Anelyn Montero Fontanilla finds Huggies Dry true to its promise - it feels dry, and it doesn't leak.
July Anne Perano-Retizo and Michael Elijah David Amor endorse Kleenfant for its affordability, absorbency, and suitability for day and night use.
Rocel N Asejo loves Mamypoko but also appreciates Sweetbaby Active Dry for its no-leak performance even for overnight use.
Anne Dacillo loves Moose Gear because it is safe for her baby's skin and free from harmful chemicals. Yzabelle Bernal and Mary Rose Mansinares also love Moose Gear Baby for its chlorine-free, super absorbent features and rash-free guarantee.
Kristel Joyce Tan (Top contributor) has been using Pampers since birth due to its no-rash and no-leak benefits.
Crissell Praise (Top contributor) and Kathleen Gabriel Ebina also vouch for Pampers for its absorbency and no-rash benefits.
Emmylou Jane H. Balmes is a dedicated Panpee user.+
10. Unilove
Fatima Corpuz and Stephanie Bautista trust Unilove Airpro Diaper because it does not cause rashes to their babies. Joanne Mae Mercado and Claire Ortiz admire Unilove Airpro for its no-leak feature, especially during the night.
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