Dream Nursery: A Loving Gift from edamama and Home Buddies

ByTrinity MatiasNovember 29, 2023
edamama's Dream Nursery Makeover Winner

A Sanctuary for Baby Sean

Every parent dreams of a safe and cozy space for their newborn, a philosophy deeply understood by edamama. In a heartwarming collaboration with Home Buddies, they have gifted a dream nursery worth 100,000 pesos to one fortunate family.
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The Story of Mama Nina and Her Miracle Baby

Mama Nina's journey to motherhood, shared with her husband since 2019, has been a testament to faith and resilience. The couple, who met in church, faced the heartache of two miscarriages due to Nina's health condition. Through perseverance, treatments, and medication, their joy was finally realized with the birth of Sean Anthony, their miracle baby.

Jennine Sze: Crafting a Haven for Growth and Exploration

Collaborating with interior designer Jennine Sze, the goal was to create an environment that would be more than just a nursery for baby Sean. "We wanted to make the space very light, airy, and open to give baby Sean a space to play, a space to explore, a space to grow with," explains Sze. The focus was on choosing furniture and textures that are not only safe and soft for Sean but also adaptable for his growth and possibly for future siblings.

A Room Filled with Love and Care

The nursery is a blend of functional design and aesthetic beauty, ensuring Sean's playtime is engaging, fun, and educational. When Mama Nina saw the completed nursery, her excitement was uncontainable. "Grabe di ko nakilala! I’m so excited to show this room to my son. This tent area will probably be his favorite area, this rocking chair would be my favorite spot. I’d like to relax while watching my son play," she shared with heartfelt gratitude.

The Dream Nursery Checklist

The nursery is equipped with a variety of high-quality products, thoughtfully chosen to provide comfort, safety, and stimulation for Sean.
1. Gaelen 5-in-1 Convertible Crib with Mattress - Gray: A versatile crib that grows with your child, easily converting to accommodate their changing needs.
2. ZAZU Baby Comforters: Soft and cuddly, these comforters are perfect for soothing your baby and encouraging peaceful sleep.
3. Swaddies PH Colorful Clouds Multipurpose Muslin Cloth: Ideal for swaddling, these muslin cloths are gentle on your baby's skin and come in cheerful cloud designs.
4. Swaddies PH Tropical Universal Cover: A versatile cover that can be used for car seats, strollers, and nursing, adorned with a tropical print.
5. Kozy Blankie White Thread Crib Set: Ensure your baby's comfort with this cozy, high-quality crib set, featuring a soft white thread design.
6. Mr Maria Miffy First Light: A charming and soft light perfect for the nursery, providing a warm glow for nighttime feedings and diaper changes.
7. Timeflys Crown Baby Audio Monitor and Pager: Stay connected with your baby with this reliable audio monitor, ensuring peace of mind for parents.
8. Furnlite 3-Tier Cabinet: Stylish and functional, this cabinet offers ample storage space for all your nursery essentials.
9. Tutti Bambini Oscar Breastfeeding/Rocking Chair: A comfortable and stylish chair, perfect for nursing and bonding moments with your baby
10. Anko Sensory Ball Pit: Stimulate your baby's senses and encourage play with this fun and safe sensory ball pit.
11. Anko Wooden Activity Gym: This wooden gym is great for baby's physical and cognitive development, featuring engaging toys and designs.
12. Barnmobler Kudde Children's Couch - Gray: A child-sized couch that offers a comfy spot for your little one to read and relax.
13. Alilo Baby Bunny with Bluetooth: A cute and interactive toy that can play music and stories, enhancing your baby's auditory experiences.
14. Anko Toy Golf Set: Introduce your child to the fun of golf with this safe and kid-friendly golf set.
15. Anko Wooden Puzzle (8pcs): Engage your baby's problem-solving skills early with this simple and educational wooden puzzle.
16. Belily World Small Ted's Tent: Create a magical play area in the nursery with this adorable and safe tent.
17. Joie Dreamer with Infant Insert Baby Bouncer (Portrait): A cozy bouncer that soothes and entertains your baby, complete with a comfy infant insert.
18. Doraemon Playmat: A colorful and cushioned playmat, perfect for tummy time and play sessions.
19. Swaddies PH Dreamland Original Water-Absorbent Bedmat: Protect your mattress with this water-absorbent bedmat, a must-have for any nursery.
20. Anko Foam Change Mat: Make diaper changes more comfortable for your baby with this soft foam change mat.
21. Infant Velcro Swaddle Wrap (inside #8): Secure and snug, these swaddle wraps make swaddling your baby easier and safer.
22. Anko 6 Sensory Balls: A set of six sensory balls, each designed to stimulate and develop your baby's tactile senses.
23. Swaddies PH Boho Original Water-Absorbent Bedmat: This boho-themed bedmat not only adds style to the nursery but also offers practical water-absorbent functionality.
Each of these products has been thoughtfully chosen to provide the best for your baby, making your dream nursery a reality. Thank you to our sponsors who have made this Dream Nursery possible.

edamama and Home Buddies, Bringing Dreams to Life

This collaborative project by edamama and Home Buddies exemplifies how thoughtful design and a deep understanding of a family's needs can create a space that is not just a room, but a haven of growth and happiness. For those inspired by this story, edamama invites you to explore their collection of trusted brand pieces. Use the code "NURSERY15EDA" for a 15% discount (capped at P300) and experience the magic of parenting with edamama.
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