Five Essential Pet Care Products for Every Furmama

ByMonica OtayzaOctober 6, 2022
Dog Bathing
1.) Lots of Food and Treats
The most essential item each furmama must have at home is a good amount of food stashed at home for your furbaby to enjoy. Be sure to stock up on treats as well so you can reward your furbaby every time you teach them tricks!
2.) Poop Bags
Having poop bags in a reusable waste bag dispenser should be a must every time you leave the house to walk your furbaby. Bring it with you in your furmama bag and be a responsible furparent that looks out for their neighbors.
3.) Shampoo
Furmamas already believe their pups are the most beautiful in the land, but imagine a pup running happily under the sun with fur so rich in color that it shines. The Fetch! Indulge Dark Polish Shampoo contains a nutrient-rich ingredient known to enhance dark-colored coats in both cats and dogs. It also includes goji berry, which stimulates melanin formation in each strand, and rosemary for improving the health and growth of your furbaby’s hair.
4.) Multipurpose Cleaner, Deodorizer, and Bug Repellant
No matter how clean and tidy you keep your furbabies, their activeness makes them prone to catching dirt on their bodies whether it be dust, soil, or muddy puddles. The Fetch! Neem House Cleaner, Deodorizer, & Bug Repellant is a 100% all-natural and non-toxic cleaner safe for both humans and pets. They contain citronella and lavender to effectively kill bugs without the strong scent of insecticide.
5.) Chew Toy
Every pet needs a chew toy, which keeps them from feeling bored whether at home or at the park. Play a game of fetch with your pup, or have them chew on the toy while you’re busy attending to something else, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone!
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