Dr. Lianne Racoma Gives Tips on Healthy Breastfeeding

ByTrinity MatiasSeptember 7, 2023
edamama Connect: Tips on Healthy Breastfeeding from Dr. Lianne Racoma
Every mama has an option when it comes to feeding their babies – one of these is to do breastfeeding. As many may know, breastfeeding is indeed challenging yet a remarkable journey. This is because the act of breastfeeding establishes a profound connection between a mother and their newborn.
However, despite it being very fruitful, it must be acknowledged that first-time mamas may encounter different scenarios or may formulate many queries about breastfeeding. Good thing is that Dr. Lianne Racoma, a pediatrician and a mother of three, openly provided tips for mamas on how to further improve their breastfeeding journey. Below are the key takeaways from the Ask the Expert session with Dr. Racoma:
1. Debunking Breast Milk Production Myth: A curious mama expressed her curiosity on the myth that drinking beer or alcoholic beverages increases breast milk production. Dr. Racoma explained that beer was historically believed to increase breast milk supply because of the ingredient barley. Barley can stimulate the prolactin hormone which leads to an increased milk supply. However, she emphasizes that mamas should not consume alcoholic beverages while breastfeeding. She also added that there are other safer food products where you can get galactogogues to increase milk supply.
2. Breast Milk Consumption: For mamas who have little ones aging from 14 months to 2 years, as per Dr. Racoma, their milk intake should be limited to 16-24 ounces per day (approximately 2-3 glasses per day).
3. Breast Milk Consistency: Dr. Racoma clears out that breast milk is really thinner in consistency than those of formula ones. She stated that the first drops of breast milk, the foremilk, is more watery. Towards the end of the feeding session, it becomes creamier.
4. Tips to Make Your Little One Eat Regularly: One of the mamas worries about her little one not getting the right amount of food and nutrients. Her little one is on exclusive breastfeeding and she fears that she doesn't get enough milk. Dr. Racoma responded that the concerned mama’s baby only needs 16-24 ounces of milk. She advises to limit milk intake so that she can still have an appetite for solid foods. Moreover, she thinks that the baby is aware that she can drink milk from her mama which is why she does not want to try other milk products. With that, another advice is to be firm and set a schedule for her meals and milk intake.
5. On Having Plugged Milk Duct: Another concern raised by a mama is that she’s been having a plugged milk duct recently and her little one has been latching. As per Dr. Racoma, this happens if the breast is not completely emptied during the feeding session. She provided a lot of useful tips for mamas who are experiencing this too: Take a hot shower or apply warm compress, massage your breast downwards while feeding or pumping to relieve the clog. Breastfeed more often and frequently. Pumping may also be done in between sessions to ensure that the breasts are emptied completely. Lastly, mamas are suggested to wear a supportive well-fitting bra.
Having all of the information provided by Dr. Racoma, mamas can now embark towards a healthier breastfeeding journey with their little one. Her professional advice may go a long way and be vital as every mamas little one grows older. Stay tuned for the next Ask the Expert session!

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