How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests?

ByMonica OtayzaJune 27, 2023
Happy woman with pregnancy test results
About Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy tests detect one particular hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which only develops during pregnancy. These tests often use either urine or blood to look for hCG.
From the get-go, your body begins to go through changes to support growth when you are pregnant. One of the first things to happen is the production of hCG in your body, and begins to build up when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, at approximately 10 days after conception.
The most common type of pregnancy test is the at-home pregnancy test, which is both inexpensive and commonly used by most women. When used correctly, these home pregnancy tests are very accurate and can give you results in minutes.
How do pregnancy tests work?
Pregnancy tests detect and react to the amount of hCG in either your blood or urine. However, it needs time to build up in your body, and might show a false negative if taken too early.
Every day after conception, your body will create more hCG, and as weeks pass, it’ll be more likely that a pregnancy test you take will show as positive.
In a urine test, a piece of reactive paper is used to detect the hCG. It will show a plus sign, double vertical lines, or the word “pregnant” to show a positive result. Meanwhile, a negative sign, one vertical line, or the phrase “not pregnant” will show a negative result.
Are pregnancy tests accurate?
If taken correctly, pregnancy tests are almost always accurate. At-home tests which use your urine are about 99% effective when used properly, which is the same accuracy as urine tests conducted in your doctor or healthcare provider’s office.
When should I take a pregnancy test?
If you feel like you could be pregnant, getting prenatal care as soon as possible is important to ensure that you and your baby are healthy. You can get a positive result from an at-home test as early as ten days after conception.
For a more accurate result, you can also wait until you’ve missed your period to take a test. Remember that taking a test too soon can result in a false negative even if you are pregnant.
How many pregnancy tests should I take?
For peace of mind, a lot of women choose to take multiple pregnancy tests and sometimes, with different brands. That way, they are assured of the result.
However, in reality, taking one to two pregnancy tests are enough to show you an accurate result if used correctly.
How much are pregnancy tests?
Depending on the brand you’d like to use, pregnancy tests vary in price range.
Wondfo offers 20 pcs of their One Step Pregnancy Strip Tests in a box for only Php499, or less than Php25 per piece! Another reliable option you can stock up on is Lifestrong’s Pregnancy Test, which is only Php99 per piece.
My test is positive. What should I do?
Once you’ve settled down from the news that you’re expecting, it’s best to give your chosen OB doctor a call for your very first prenatal checkup. He or she will likely give you a list or prenatal vitamins to take, including folic acid which helps prevent birth defects.
Now that you’re expecting, it’s equally important to keep a healthy lifestyle. It is highly recommended not to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke during pregnancy. The amount of caffeine you consume should also be limited.

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