How to Deal with Hot Flashes During Pregnancy

ByJerni Camposano-GomezJanuary 10, 2022
pregnant woman with hot flashes
Is it normal to have hot flashes while pregnant? The simple answer is yes, no thanks to your fluctuating hormone levels. 
Here’s how to keep your cool—literally and figuratively—when you experience hot flashes while you have a bun in the oven:
1. Wear comfortable or loose clothes.
Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes to lessen the warmth your body feels. Choose comfort over style when it comes to your outfits—opt for maternity clothes with breathable fabric that make you feel cool.
2. Maintain a healthy diet.
While this is already a given to ensure proper nutrition for the baby in your tummy, a proper and healthy diet also helps prevent hot flashes since some food can trigger it. Maintain a healthy sugar level and avoid spicy food, alcohol, and caffeine. You might also have to lessen your intake of carbohydrates.
3. Keep your room temperature cool.
The warmer your environment is, the more you’ll feel the effects of hot flashes. So turn the air-con or electric fan on, or let the breeze in. 
4. Stay hydrated.
Hydration works wonders so make sure to drink plenty of cold water. Always have a water bottle near you and make it a habit to hydrate. 
5. Try breathing exercises.
Breathing exercises can calm you down and make you feel less stressed. Allot a certain time in your day to do some breathing exercises, meditation, or visualization. This won’t just help you deal with hot flashes, but will also allow for other long-term benefits such as increased focus, better sleep, and less anxiety.
6. Shower more often.
If you have more time to spare, consider increasing the number of times you shower in a day. Ideally, you shower at least twice a day. This helps cool down your body and leave you feeling more refreshed.
This article does not provide medical advice, it is intended for informational purposes only. The article is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.
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