Making Spirits Bright: edamama's Annual Gift to Give Initiative

ByTrinity MatiasNovember 13, 2023
edamama's Gift to Give Program
The spirit of giving is much emphasized during the Christmas season. This does not only transform the holidays into a time of warmth and love, but it also highlights the precious moments of individuals choosing to make other people happy through their generosity. This occasion leads to sharing the blessings of one to those who may need it the most. A way to do this is through our yearly initiative called “Gift to Give'' which is definitely a remarkable way to uplift the Christmas spirit.
Gift to Give is an annual holiday donation drive made possible by our Gift Registry feature. Through this heartwarming program, everyone can extend their love and support to children and women in need. There are chosen beneficiaries every year and for 2023, they are Generations—Home & Tahanan ng Pagmamahal. Let’s get to know more about these partner organizations and why we chose them.

Our Partner Beneficiaries

Generations—Home, also known as ROHEI Foundation, is a non-profit organization and is licensed by the Child Placement Agency that advocates for adoption and foster care. They believe that these are beautiful solutions to the orphan crisis in the Philippines. Their programs mainly focus on family restoration, adoption, and foster care – with the aim of bringing every generation home into safe and loving families.
Tahanan ng Pagmamahal is a non-profit organization established in July 2007. They are a Christ-centered community of orphaned, abandoned, abused children, compassionate staff and volunteers whose mission is to serve God and bring Christ to the lives of abandoned, neglected, surrendered, and foundling children by providing love, care, and basic needs.

Why We Chose Them

Having stated their respective missions as an organization, these two beneficiaries together encompass the variety of products offered by edamama. There are products that can be provided by edamama as the necessary resources to continue these projects. Their wishlist includes newborn needs such as newborn onesies and diapers, wipes, and even new mom needs like maternity pads.
For Generation–Home, edamama choose them as a partner beneficiary because of the projects they develop for children who are orphaned, neglected, and abandoned. Their mission to provide shelter, take care of the children under their roof, and also assist them to find permanent homes is a huge contribution to the existing orphan crisis in the country today.
Also, edamama chose Tahanan ng Pagmamahal as the organization promotes and envisions a better, safe, and secure family environment to the children to help them attain holistic life by providing shelter, spiritual formation, and psycho-social and socio-cultural services. They have crafted programs aiming to provide children with a nurturing and supportive environment, encompassing various aspects of their well-being. They have a couple of initiatives that ensure each and every child’s holistic development and growth ranging from Homelife, Health & Medical Services, Psycho-Social Care Services, Education, Alternative Family Care (Adoption), Reunification, and Spiritual Enhancement.

Spreading Love This Christmas – How Customers Can Help

This Christmas, customers can help these beneficiaries by donating through the Gift Registry feature of edamama. In just a few simple steps, you can contribute and provide the said organizations with essentials they need to continue taking care of the children and women with them.
How to Donate:
1. Log in to your edamama account and then click on the Gift Registry link of your chosen beneficiary below:
2. Click on the "Buy Gift" checkbox and select the number of items you wish to donate.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Gift List and add a gift note for the organization for a personal touch. Then, tap "Buy Selected Gifts" to proceed to checkout.
4. Select your payment option and tap "Place Order." The shipping fee is on us! ⁠
5. Get delivery updates on your donation via email.⁠
It’s never too late to make someone’s Christmas day extra special. Participate in this initiative today by purchasing a gift through edamama’s Gift Registry feature. Let this opportunity serve as a beautiful reminder that the true meaning of Christmas also revolves in the selfless acts of kindness and the joy of giving. Make a positive impact before ending 2023. Merry Christmas!