The Ultimate Checklist for Newborn Baby Needs

ByJanroe CabilesApril 26, 2023
newborn baby with mother
So your due date is set, and you’re gearing up for a new stage in your life. While you anticipate the changes that are to come, it’s never too early to prepare things you need for your newborn.
Here is a shopping list of newborn care products that’s best to complete before their beautiful arrival!
While many say that you don’t really need any equipment to breastfeed, there are still many items that breastfeeding moms rely on in the process. Whether you’ll be breastfeeding or not, make your feeding schedules more efficient and comfortable for both you and your baby.
• Breast pump
• Storage bag
• Bottles
• Bottle brush and rack
• Bib
• Burping cloth
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For many new mothers, bathing your infant is a daunting task. But once you have all the tools you need, you’ll see that there is little to worry about. No-tears bath products and gentle grooming items are your best friends!
• Bathtub
Baby wash
• Nail clipper
• Baby toothbrush
• Hooded towels and washcloths
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Diapers—your constant companion for the next few years. There’s a case to be made for either disposable diapers or cloth diapers, based on comfort, convenience, and price point. The choice is yours to make, mama! But there are other things to prep to ensure baby’s comfort.
• Disposable diapers
• Cloth diapers and liners
• Diaper cream
• Waterproof changing pad
• Baby wipes
• Petroleum jelly
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All newborn clothes are so tempting to buy because of how cute they are! But what we need to focus on are their needs. Comfy and presko for sticky days, covered limbs for mosquito protection, mittens and swaddles to stop them from scratching, etc.
• Rompers
• Undershirts
• Mittens
• Socks
• Swaddle
• Hats
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While newborns—so tiny and delicate—seem to do nothing but eat and sleep, you’ll be surprised to watch them develop different skills through sight, sound, and touch. Simple things go a long way, such as exposing them to some sunlight, supplying them with toys that both engage and comfort them.
• Rattles
• Toys
• Stuffed animals or pillows
• Stroller
• Diaper bag
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While your newborn baby is always #1 priority, mamas need love too! All mothers are so strong already, but these essentials will make sure new mamas are taken care of.
• Nursing bra
• Postpartum vitamins
• Carrier
• Storage pouch
• Maternity pads
• Maternity belt
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Feel free to save this list or bookmark this article for everything you need for newborn baby care after birth!
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