Newborn must-have: An alphabetical list of baby essentials

ByTiffany ReyesNovember 4, 2022
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You’re pregnant and may be due to give birth in several weeks. Now, what? Firstly, check out what your newborn will really need once he or she is out of your womb. Here is an honest list of baby essentials for the first three months of life (and beyond).
In whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in, you’ll surely enjoy this alphabetically arranged list of items you need to tick-off from your to-buy list.
A - Activity toys: Gotta start early, mama! You can choose from cloth books you can read aloud to your little one, musical rattles or toy phones you can play so the baby is engaged even while inside your tummy.
B - Bottle: If you choose to bottle feed or mixfeed your baby, you’ll surely need several. Check out this Hegen starter pack, which comes with teats that mimic mama’s breast for that seamless transition.
C- Crib: Get one that will last for years. There are many options in the market – you can save with Joie Allura or splurge with Cuddlebug 3-in1 convertible crib. If you will choose to cosleep, provide a safe space with a Juju baby nest.
D - Diaper: You’ll need hundreds of these for all those every-other-hour nappy change. Buy in bulk when you have a trusted brand in mind or experiment and see what best fits your baby. Check out Unilove airpro newborn diaper for a practical option or Pampers baby dry which may come in a bundle.
E - Electric bottle warmer: Give yummy formula or pumped milk to your hungry newborn with Tommee Tippee Easy Warm Bottle and Food warmer – helps you avoid accidents with boiling water, and guarantees no overheating that could affect your liquid gold’s nutritional content.
F - Face cloth: You’ll need dozens to clean baby’s face, neck area (that’s prone to milk spills and spit ups), and for those washups throughout the day. This baby essential is made with soft cotton material that’s safe for baby skin, like mama-trusted St. Patrick’s brand.
G - Gas relief: Provide a safe gas relief for your newborn with Tiny Buds Calm Tummies- Colic Baby Massage Oil. This one has natural ginger and fennel that keeps out gas-induced discomfort.
H - Hat and hoodie towel: Provide warmth and good protection for those tiny heads. Choose a soft hat that absorbs sweat, or can protect the baby from cold temperatures. Pick out a nice color from a variety of Bamberry Baby’s Knotted Hat. After bath, use an absorbent hoodie towel to fully dry the baby’s hair and body.
I - Infant car seat: Studies have shown that putting children in car seats cuts injury risks by up to 81 percent. Keep your baby safe during travel with an age-appropriate car seat.
J - Juice: This one’s not directly for a newborn but for the often tired and thirsty mama. Stay hydrated and healthy with Vitamin Boost Citrus Drink so you have energy to care for your little one.
K - Kiddie bath tub: Scared that you’ll drop your newborn during bath time? Fret no more with Safety 1st Duckling bathtub, which allows you to have ample space while you position the baby during bath time.
L - Lotion: This is an essential for many newborns, especially when they have dry and sensitive skin. Try CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion, a pediatrician recommended brand.
M - Music mobile: Provide a rich sensory experience for your baby. This baby essential helps your baby acclimatize to life outside the womb. Bub a Petit’s Crib mobile comes in black and white, hues that are vibrant enough for an infant’s developing eyes.
N - Nursing cover: Pick a multiway nursing cover, which can be a cover-up during feeding sessions, protection for your infant who can’t wear a mask yet, or an instant blanket when needed.
O - Oil: Here’s to calmer nights with your baby. Check out Kleenfant bedtime massage oil, a baby essential that’s made of safe ingredients.
P - Pajamas: Protect your newborn from cold nights and insect bites. Make your baby wear cottony soft pajamas for a more comfortable sleep.
Q - Quilt: Snuggle up with your lovely newborn with a soft quilt, or give added comfort when they sleep when you use the quilt as a bedsheet. Happy Flute’s Quilt is made of 100 percent organic cotton muslin for that ultimate cloud-like feel.
R - Rocker: This baby essential allows mom to have a break from all those carrying sessions. Fisher Price’s Infant to Toddler Rocker also gives your infant a new position option, especially when the baby gets cranky while lying on the crib.
S - Sterilizer: Keep those feeding bottles, pacifiers, teats, and teethers germ-free with a reputable sterilizer. Chicco’s 3-in-1 sterilizer has time-saving modes for faster sanitation. It is also big enough to house multiple bottles, and has an automatic shut-off to ensure proper temperature control.
T - Tie-side clothes: For the first three months, you’ll be using a lot of tie-side clothes, the essential baby wear we’ve known for generations. It’s a practical choice because you can easily dress up your infant sans danger to the neck and head. Cotton Stuff’s Tie- Side sets are always a good buy.
U - Underpads: Protect your mattress and avoid wet spills that could soak baby clothes. Use bed or crib underpads like this waterproof mat from Knickknacks – it is not just a newborn essential because you use it too when your toddler is learning to potty!
V - Vanity Kit: You’ll need a made-for-baby nail cutter, comb, brush, and more. Safety 1st’s Newborn Care set comes with that and more. There are also medical needs like nasal aspirator, easy fill medicine syringe and comes with a travel case.
W - Wipes: For the first three months of life, ensure that all the products you are using are baby-safe. Use Pigeon Baby Wet Wipes, an alcohol-free, water-based tool for all those wiping needs.
X - eXtra clean: Get mild cleaners to clean your baby. Sacred’s newborn cleanser is specially formulated for the most sensitive skin. This baby essential is plant-based, made of natural ingredients, and does not have chemicals that could potentially harm your little one.
Y - Young malunggay: For mama to have better milk production, she could try consuming capsules made of young malunggay.
Z - Zinc oxide: This will be your best buddy in ensuring those cute little bums are free from diaper rash. Mustela’s Barrier Cream is a baby essential – it works as a barrier cream to prevent redness and it can also cure rashes caused by diaper heat or irritation.
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