Pregnancy Milestones to Look Forward To in Every Trimester

ByJerni Camposano-GomezOctober 3, 2023
pregnant woman holding baby shoes
Congratulations, you’re having a baby! How do you feel? Are you feeling overjoyed or still in a state of shock—or a mixture of both? 
Whatever it is you’re feeling right now, there’s no denying that your life is changed forever. A new chapter awaits, and believe us when we say it’s going to be an exciting one! 
Pregnancy is a huge milestone, and each trimester is filled with “mini milestones” that are worth noting and looking forward to.
First Trimester
Seeing the positive pregnancy test
Whether it’s a planned or surprise pregnancy, those two lines can send shock waves to your whole system. As you stare at the stick in your hand, you probably have tons of questions running through your head. It’s perfectly normal. Collect yourself and gear up for the next step. 
Breaking the news to your partner
It’s time to share the news with your husband or partner. Don’t go through the roller coaster of emotions alone—let him know how you feel about this pregnancy. It's advisable to tell him in person so you can also see his reaction and you can process the news together.
Your first prenatal visit to the doctor
Your first appointment with your obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) is crucial to ensure you commence your pregnancy journey right, and that you’re armed with all the information you’ll be needing. During this visit, get your doctor acquainted with your medical history. He or she will conduct all the necessary tests to confirm the pregnancy (yes, home pregnancy tests can sometimes fail), ensure you’re fit for it, and give you advice if there are any issues you may face in the process. Remember, your OB-GYN is going to be your partner too for the next 40 weeks so choose one you trust and feel comfortable with. 
Experiencing your first bouts of pregnancy discomforts
Pregnancy is not going to be easy for some women. You will experience a lot of body changes and pregnancy discomforts—some may frustrate you if you don’t know how to deal with them. These include weird food cravings and aversions, morning sickness, fatigue, breast pain, and many more. You may also start feeling the weight of having another person to carry and your body will start to stretch. During this period, make sure to have some helpful buddies to help you through the changes: you can try a prenatal lotion or a stretch mark prevention oil.
Hearing baby’s first heartbeat
The first ultrasound is usually performed during this period. You get to meet your little one for the first time by hearing the first thumping of his or her heart. This makes everything feel real. You’ll find out how this moment can be life-changing for so many expecting moms and dads-to-be. Don’t forget to document this moment (if your doctor will allow you)!
Second Trimester
Announcing the pregnancy
Sharing this special news to everyone is a personal decision. While others announce right after seeing those two lines on the pregnancy test, experts advise to wait until pregnant women pass the 12-week mark since this is already a safe time as the risk of miscarriage is lower than when you are in the first trimester. There are now many creative ways to break the pregnancy news, whether it’s via social media or in an intimate celebration. 
Wearing maternity clothes
The second trimester will make your body changes look more obvious. Your tummy will begin to bulge, your diet will have to be seriously altered to ensure you’re getting all the right nutrients for the baby, and your cravings and morning sickness may still persist. When it comes to your size, don’t be surprised if you’ll be buying more maternity clothes at this point: from more stretchy pants and leggings and maternity dresses (even maternity swimwear) to support belts and maternity bras with better support.
Feeling your baby’s first movements
Although a baby's movements can be unpredictable at this time, you have to be on the lookout for those little moments when they’re starting to kick and flip inside your tummy. They may feel like little flutters or waves and more often than not, they will leave you and your partner overjoyed and thrilled.
Finding out if you’re having a boy or girl
It is more realistic for your doctor to determine the gender of your baby between weeks 18 and 22 of your pregnancy. The moment you hear the words “It’s a boy/girl” will be forever etched in your memory. It’s up to you then if you want to do a special gender reveal announcement or not. 
Buying baby’s first items
Of course you’re excited to shop for clothes, gears, diapers and wipes, feeding essentials, bathing and grooming must-haves, and books and toys for your upcoming bundle of joy! Buying things for the baby is one of the milestones most mamas look forward to. Now that you found out the gender of your baby, you can start checking out items in your cart (which you have probably started filling up during the first trimester)!
Choosing a name for your child
For most expecting mamas, they have been shortlisting baby names since the first few months of the pregnancy. Selecting a name for your child can be an exciting chapter, but it can also be one of the most pressure-laden tasks. After all, the name you will choose will be a permanent part of his or her identity. 
Taking Prenatal and Childbirth Classes
It’s important that you prepare for parenthood, and taking some classes will help increase your confidence and reduce your fear and anxiety as you near your due date. Every childbirth story is unique, so being prepared for any situation is a must. We’ve got a list of prenatal and childbirth classes here. You can take them towards the end of your second trimester or at the beginning of your third trimester so you have enough time to prepare for your baby's arrival.
Third Trimester
Putting the final touches to your baby’s room
The nesting instinct is at its peak during the final stretch of the pregnancy. Nesting refers to the overwhelming urge to clean and organize the household to prepare for the arrival of your new source of joy. The nursery is being organized and decorated now, and essential items that should be in the baby’s sleeping area are being set up. 
Holding a baby shower
Milestones are meant to be celebrated, and a baby shower is one way to share your overwhelming happiness with family and friends. After all, it’s not just you and your husband who are excited and eager to welcome the new member of the family. Set up a stress-free party by hiring reliable event suppliers that will level up your celebration. 
Weekly appointments with your doctor
From monthly checkups, you will now be seeing your doctor every two weeks and then switch to weekly appointments when you reach your 36th week. This is to check for signs and symptoms of labor, as well as to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and movements. 
Becoming a mama!
This is the day you have been waiting for, when all the sacrifices and changes you experienced in the past nine or so months become all worth it. The moment you hold your little one after going through all the labor pains and delivery difficulties, you suddenly forget everything else and will be just beyond grateful for this beautiful blessing in your arms!

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