The First edamama Circle Event: Mamas Meet Community

ByDara EvangelistaMay 25, 2023
edamama Circle Event
In order to have a smooth sailing parenting journey, it should be recognized that the people around you can be of great help as one cannot solely do it all. Being part of a community like edamama Circle can help Mamas bloom into a more prepared individual as they fully embrace the role of becoming their little bean’s main source of strength.
The first ever edamama Circle event happened last November 4, 2022 at M Studios Magallanes in Makati City. The edamama community were gathered to learn from each other’s experiences as a Mama. The program was hosted by Cerah Hernandez, and joining the lineup of guests were some of leading momfluencers like Divine Lee, Sam Isleta and more. These key individuals openly shared valuable lessons when it comes to time management, budgeting, and other things related to parenting.
As a Mama of three kids, Divine Lee acknowledges and emphasized that “you need time for each kid.” She shared to her fellow Mamas what she does to balance the time spent among her little ones. “Every day of his birthday, so May 5 siya (his birthday), every 5th of the month, we go on a date,” Mama Divine stated. Examples of the said date are going to the mall, getting ice cream, or even strolling around. These activities happen with no other people involved – just pure quality time between Mama and bean. This good practice by Mama Divine can be tried by Mamas too when it comes to having bonding moments with their child.
A lot of engagement initiatives were present in the event as Mamas also got a chance to do activities where amazing prizes were given. In this way, members of the edamama Circle shared their valuable insights and spoke about their journey as a Mama. Also, notable brands like Anko and Bean had their booths set up where they launched new collections.
From the words of edamama CEO, Bela Gupta, “We’re showcasing this moving community and letting every Filipino Mama know that there is a safe space ready to empower them to thrive in their unique parenting journey.” Indeed, after a fun-filled and insightful afternoon, hearts of the entire edamama Circle were boosted and all Mamas are now more than ready to go beyond in their parenting journey.
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