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ByTrinity MatiasMay 27, 2024
Baby essentials by bean
The life of a mama is no easy feat! It leads them to different challenging situations, whether it is inside their homes or outside at work. A lot of these moments require important decision making – such as choosing what is best for their family and of course, their little one.
Since mamas tend to be busy with all their responsibilities, sometimes they are left with little time to search for the quality products for their family. This is why they end up choosing the most convenient and readily available products instead of carefully considering its premium, and natural ingredients.
It is such a struggle to find products they can rely on, mostly when it is for their precious ones. This is why edamama’s brand bean is more than ready to offer their personal care product line – the bean essentials. These products under the said collection will always be ready to deliver to the daily hygiene needs your family deserves. All items are crafted to meet the utmost comfort and protection for every loved one.

The Newest bean essentials Collection

Finding the best option of personal hygiene and baby care products? We’ve got a solution for you!
Introducing the bean essentials product line that features a wide variety of personal care products designed to address the daily hygiene needs of your family. Made perfect for every member of the family, most especially your little one. From Baby Cotton Balls and Cotton Buds to Grooming Kits, each and every product is crafted with utmost care and made out of premium, natural ingredients. Also, the prices align perfectly with mamas who are budget-conscious. Know more on the included products below!

Baby Cotton Balls 100g

This is bean’s Baby Cotton Balls that are made with 100% natural cotton. Two of the features of this product is its excellent absorption efficiency and is chlorine free. Easily use these cotton balls when dabbing away little messes and pampering baby’s delicate skin. All family members can also enjoy using these extra large cotton balls. It comes in a resealable zip lock bag for safe and hygienic storage. Avail this for PHP 99.00 only.

Baby and Mama Cotton Buds Family Value Pack (Scooper, Spiral, Round Cotton Buds)

The Baby & Mama Cotton Buds have triple tip features, perfect for everyday use. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals and is chlorine free. It is made out of sterilized cotton and designed to gently remove ear wax or dirt from your outer ear.
Baby-sized spiral & scooper tip (300 stems, 600 tips)
  • Spiral: For gentle cleaning of tiny ears and delicate creases
  • Scooper: For picking more amount of ear wax and dirt
Regular-sized round tip (150 stems, 300 tips)
  • For touch-ups, clean-ups, and application of lotions, creams, and gels
Order yours from edamama for only PHP 199.00.

Baby Cotton Buds (Spiral and Round Cotton Buds)

Similar to the previous product above, the Baby Cotton Buds have dual tip features – spiral and round cotton buds. It is perfect for everyday hygiene care. Crafted with eco-friendly paper stems, these buds are super easy to use and soft for the ears. Purchase this for PHP 99.00 only.

Baby Cotton Buds (Scooper and Round Cotton Buds)

Also included in the Cotton Buds line, this Baby Cotton Buds product also has dual tip features – scooper and round cotton buds. Use these to keep your ears clean at all times! This is made out of 100% cotton and eco-friendly paper stems. Get this for PHP 99.00 only.

Baby Grooming Kit (7 items)

Your little one’s everyday hygiene routine is more enjoyable when you use this Baby Grooming Kit. This kit includes 7 different items namely a case, hair brush, hair comb, nail clipper, nail filer, nasal aspirator, and scissors. Stay neat and clean with this BPA-Free set. Safe for newborns! Avail this for PHP 899.00 only.

Baby Wipes Unscented

This Baby Wipes (Unscented) is bean’s newest product that will surely help mamas and papas in keeping their little one and their surroundings clean. This is made out of 99.9% pure water and is dermatologically tested – making it safe for all ages including newborns. This item is priced at PHP 89.00 only.

Baby Wipes Powder Fresh

This Baby Wipes (Powder Fresh) is another newest product which is also gentle & safe for external multi-use! Also composed of 99.9% Pure Water and dermatologically tested, this is safe for all of your loved ones’ use. Get this item for PHP 89.00 only.
Do check out the new collection of baby essentials with bundles that you can check out here.
With all of these amazing budget-friendly personal care essentials, it's definitely a celebration of quality without compromise, making daily hygiene accessible and easier to manage for your family. So what are you waiting for? Head towards our website and shop now! Be redirected to this new collection through this link: collection link.
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