Year-end Self-Care Reward For Pregnant Mamas

ByJerni Camposano-GomezDecember 15, 2022
Pregnant mom applying stretch marks cream
Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful chapters in a woman’s life. But it can also bring about a number of discomforts as your body continues to change to accommodate a growing baby.
In case no one has told you yet, you are doing an amazing job as an expecting mama! So go ahead and get yourself these products that will make your pregnancy less overwhelming. These well-loved products can guarantee comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of care.
1. Morning sickness relief
Although excited about being pregnant, what mamas-to-be aren’t so happy about is waking up in the morning and feeling dizzy. While you can’t totally get rid of this nauseous feeling, you can find ways to relieve yourself of such discomfort. The Secrets of Tea Peach & Ginger No To Morning Sickness Tea and Secrets of Tea Lemon Ginger No To Morning Sickness Tea contain time-honored organic ingredients that can naturally alleviate morning sickness. Must-haves!
2. Stretch mark cream
Stretch marks are commonly associated with pregnancy, as these unsightly stripes are the results of shrinking or stretching of one’s skin. There’s no way to avoid them entirely, but there are measures to reduce their appearance. The Mustela Stretch Marks Cream can help you with your stretch mark issues by providing long-lasting hydration and reinforcing skin elasticity.
3. Maternity pillow
One of the common complaints of mamas-to-be is difficulty in sleeping — and no wonder why. As your belly grows, you will find it hard to get some shut-eye. Enter the Mamaway Hypoallergenic Maternity Support & Nursing Pillow, a curved moon pillow that is the perfect snuggle companion during pregnancy as it cushions your body from head to toe. Say yes to amazing trips to dreamland moving forward!
4. Water bottle
Hydration is very important for pregnant mamas. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, “Water is needed to produce the fluid surrounding your baby and to help increase your blood volume. If you are suffering with morning sickness, you will also be losing extra fluid, so it is important to try to drink a little more to make up for this.” Let the Citron Triple Wall Insulated Water Bottle or Contigo Purity Petal Water Bottle be your friendly reminders to drink your water as frequently as possible!
5. Healthy snacks
An increased appetite is common among expecting mamas. But you should always be conscious of your food choices — they must be healthy and well-balanced for your and the baby’s health and safety. If your cravings are getting the best of you, the best thing to do is to opt for healthy snacks, such as Raw Bites Goji Berries and Lizi's Granola Granola Original.
6. Maternity bra
Your breasts are also growing during these nine or so months. Get them the right support and flexibility by purchasing White Dahlias Ava Maternity and Nursing Bra. Take note that you can still use this should you decide to breastfeed your precious baby. That’s savings right there, mama!
As we close the year that brought you the wonderful news that you are going to be a mama soon, it’s just fitting that you reward yourself with things that will make you look forward to a stress-free and smooth pregnancy in the year to come.