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10 Things That Will Change When You Become A Mom

ByJerni Camposano-GomezApril 26, 2023
“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new…” — Osho
If you feel like you are a new person after giving birth, that is because you are. A lot of aspects in your life change when you become a mother. Especially for first-time mamas, you’ll soon find out that being a parent entails a lot of hard work. But it is also extremely rewarding and fulfilling.
Aside from the many changes in your body, here are some ways life changes when you become a mom:
1. Your priorities
Your child will always come first, no matter that. They will be the front and center of your universe, and you’ll do everything in your capacity to make sure they are happy, safe, and comfortable.
2. Your sense of time
Your schedule changes when you have a baby. What used to be just an hour of getting ready to go out will completely change because you need to pack a diaper bag, prepare the baby gears, load them into the car, feed and dress up the little one, and so much more.
3. Your spending habits
Because you are now responsible for the life of another human being, you become more careful with your financial decisions. You suddenly become an expert in budgeting and saving because you want to secure your child’s future. Even your shopping habits change—you find yourself adding baby and kid items to your cart instead of stuff for yourself!
4. Your fashion sense
Breastfeeding moms are familiar with the struggle of choosing clothes to wear. You feed on demand, so your wardrobe options include those that offer easy access for feeding and pumping. Also, as your body has changed during pregnancy and birth, your old clothes may no longer fit you. And that’s okay, mama. You can rediscover your style and embrace this new one.
5. Your sleep pattern
Sleep deprivation is real for new moms. Diaper changes and round the clock feedings will definitely affect your sleep pattern, so ensure that you have measures in place so you don’t get exhausted and still get enough rest and trips to dreamland.
6. Your marriage
Adding a baby to the equation will have an impact on your relationship with your partner. You will both transition to your new roles as parents to a child, and this will require a certain level of commitment for both of you. Find ways to keep the spark alive and your marriage strong while raising kids.
7. Your friendships
Ever heard of mom tribes? Motherhood can be overwhelming, and at times you need a support group to turn to for advice or cheer you up when things are tough. While you may be getting support from family and friends, motherhood becomes more bearable when you share it with women who go through exactly the same thing as you.
8. Your playlist
Whether it’s YouTube or Spotify, your playlist is now filled with nursery rhymes and kiddie shows. Yes or yes?
9. The roles you play
Moms are called superwomen for a reason. When you become one, you also take on many roles: the chef of the household, the teacher who gives the child their first alphabet lessons, the stylist who ensures the kid’s OOTDs are on fleek, the photographer who captures moments on camera, the nurse who’s always ready to put bandages when they get hurt, the party planner who puts the wow in celebrations, and so much more.
10. Your strength of character
Yes, you’ll never know how strong you are until you become a mother. No matter how much you prepare, life is going to throw some curveballs. But you deal with these adversities because you want to teach your child by example what true strength really is. You always get through it, mama. You survive and you thrive. And why not, when a mom’s strength is unlike any other. You’re achieving all these while giving your little one unconditional love and utmost care.
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