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12 Anko Products You Need for 2023

ByNiño QuizonJanuary 16, 2023
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Seeing your little bean become curious about many things is something to be proud of! One of the ways to stimulate their curiosity is by providing them toys that they can play with, and at the same time, learn from. Having these in mind, their safety is inevitably still the top priority for Mamas like you.
Learning and playing can be safe when you use Anko products from edamama! This 2023, let’s check on the different items that can be added to your toy collection! The list will also feature products such as high chairs, playpens, and playmats that could support your little one in their journey!
12 Anko Products for your Little One
1.) Anko Flat Fold High Chair
Try getting your little bean this Anko Flat Fold High Chair to keep them safe and comfortable! This chair has a 5-point safety harness that will protect your little one from falling. Mamas can use this high chair when beans play with their toys or eat their delicious meals!
2.) Anko Giant Foam Playmat Squares
This Anko Giant Foam Playmat Squares will be Mamas best friend when their little one starts playing with their toys! Keeping them comfortable in the soft mat itself, your bean can freely move and exercise to develop their sensory, motor, and tactile skills. Its vibrant design will also bring a good setting in your room!
3.) Anko 3-in-1 Playpen
A perfect Anko find for Mamas who wish to keep their beans ages 6-24 months safe. This 3-in-1 Playpen will surely serve as a good place for your little one to be playful! This product is not only for your child, but it can also be for your furbabies! Supervising is now made easier, thanks to this product from Anko!
4.) Anko Metal Gate (with 2 extensions)
Another product that promotes safety in your household, this is the Metal Gate (with 2 extensions) by Anko! Your little bean can be prevented from having accidents with the help of this gate. Mamas can place this in stairs or hallways!
5.) Anko Toilet Training System
Your little bean will soon be a grown up! Help them learn how to use the regular toilet seat with this Toilet Training System by Anko! This product can be adjustable in terms of its height and its handrails. With the help of these features, your little bean will also be safe when they use this toilet seat.
6.) Anko Colorful Drawing Board
Practice your little bean’s creative side when you use this Anko Colorful Drawing Board! Inclusive of four (4) shape stampers and a pen, enjoy drawing and writing on its magnetic surface. This product is suitable for beans aged 3 years and above!
7.) Anko Learning About Money
Slowly teach your little bean the value of money with this education toy from Anko! Mamas can teach their child how to do basic counting, or even addition and subtraction. Handling money is also a skill that can be developed as your little one continues to use this toy. This Learning About Money toy is a magnetic game with play bills and coins where kids aged 4 and above can try!
8.) Anko Musical Keyboard
Your little bean can be the next Mozart when they start playing this Musical Keyboard from Anko! This product can be added to their educational toys collection as it helps in developing their motor and sensory skills. Let bean discover their inner musician with this toy!
9.) Anko World Map Puzzle
Social studies will be your little bean’s favorite subject because of this World Map Puzzle from Anko! Mamas can solve this puzzle with their children aged 5 and above. During your bonding time, help them learn about different world landmarks and also animals!
10.) Anko Magnetic Blocks Playset
Explore with your little bean this Magnetic Blocks Playset from Anko! Various 3D block shapes can be discovered by connecting the magnets of this toy. Using this product can create great bonding moments between Mama and bean!
11.) Anko Wooden Rainbow
Help little bean familiarize the colors of the rainbow with Anko’s Wooden Rainbow toy! Suitable for beans aged 18 months and above, Mamas can help them assemble it from smallest to biggest.
12.) Anko Emergency Doctors Play Set
Here’s an Anko toy for little beans who are aspiring doctors! This is a complete Emergency Doctors Play Set that contains equipment stored in a box. They will definitely make their Mamas proud as they play doctor with their fellow beans! This toy is perfect for kids who are going to nursery school already, or those aged 3 and above.
Learn everyday with Anko
A wide variety of Anko educational toys and other products will certainly make little bean happier than ever! Make sure you Mamas can make a bond out of the moments shared while discovering and playing with these toys. Mamas will also be satisfied when it comes to your bean’s security. Found something interesting to buy? Visit Anko on our website now at edamama to purchase your desired Anko products!
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