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13 Tools for your little artists: Combine art, learning, and play

ByTiffany ReyesFebruary 17, 2023
asian kid doodling with crayons
If your little one likes doodling on the wall, scribbling on paper, making crafts, then you might have an artist in the making. With your support and proper tools, you can enhance your child’s talent. We’ve listed down quality items that would surely entice your children to explore their artistic side.

For good grip

Get non-toxic coloring materials for your kids. Children as young as 1 can try coloring with Crayola’s Egg crayons, which offers the best shape for your kiddo’s developing grip. No broken crayons, and no frustrated babies!
When they turn 3 and start showing interest in drawing the items they see, get them the Ogalala Art bundle, which includes washable crayons and markers and an illustrated paper so they could practice their art-making. Definitely, your walls are safe with these washable options!

For fine motor skills

Every child needs to strengthen their motor skills, especially if you want them to enjoy writing and doing other school activities. You can’t force some tasks, mama, but you can help them exercise their little pudgy hands with some tools.
You can start by letting them play with clay– it’s a sensory tool that also allows children to expand their imagination. You can pick small bars of clay like Anko Modelling Clay Set or try soft modeling clay for easier pinch-and-squish activities.
Paper, with its texture and crinkling sound, also offers a great sensory experience for children. How much more if they are able to make art with it? Toddlers will definitely love this paper mache kit.
You can also help your child improve his or her gross motor skills with sticker books! Practicing precise placement of stickers will also help enhance their analytical skills.
Stamps will be a lot of fun for children learning cause and effect. Stamp sets provide grip exercise and art activity. Tooky Land’s stamp set offers primary color inks and wonderfully designed stamps for hours of fun!

Different mediums

Expose children to different art mediums. You can start with a simple pencil and sketch pad combo! Kids will learn to draw before they learn to write, and art activities help them master their pencil grip. These jumbo triangular colored pencils are just right for tiny hands.
Want more time outdoors? Show children how fun doodling can be with colorful chalks! This will surely make them go outside more than tinker on their gadgets all day. This 24-piece Crayola sidewalk chalk will be worth every penny.

Just add water (and some brush!)

Any activity with water will be fun fun fun for young kids. Introduce the color wheel with water colors and see your child squeal in delight when they magically create orange while mixing red and yellow. You may check out this set of 12 colors or set of 36 from Simbalion. You may also level up your art activity with textured sponges, which add variety to your finished art products.
Art making helps your child express themselves, and at the same time improves their sensory, fine motor, and analytical skills. Encourage them to play with colors, do messy doodles, and see more fun bonding days together. Who knows, mama? Your best portrait yet will already be in the works soon!
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