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6 Montessori Activities to Do at Home with Toddlers and Preschoolers

ByMonica OtayzaFebruary 21, 2023
More and more families are embracing the Montessori approach early on in a child’s life. Montessori is a method of education based on self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on learning.
Through Montessori, children are expected to learn how to be independent, experience a sense of freedom within limits, and parents respect a child’s natural physical, psychological, and social development to flourish through Montessori learning.
There are many Montessori activities you can practice at home for your toddler and preschooler. Here are 6 easy yet fun activities to do at home, without needing much to make it happen:
1. Pouring and Scooping
Pouring water from a pitcher into a glass and back is a great way to practice independence. Give your little one a small sponge or rag in the set up so that they can wipe up the spills after the activity.
If you think your regular pitcher is too big for your little one, get them their own Montessori Water Pouring Activity Set from Angkop. It includes a tray, a pitcher, uneven containers, and a sponge – giving your little one the complete setup!
Scooping things out of a sensory bin and into another container is a great way for little ones to practice their fine motor skills, coordination, sensory, and creativity.
Check out the Lil Bear Finds Sensory Bin with Animals Set, which includes water beads, two scoops, animal figurines, a pair of tongs, and pom pom balls that your little one can scoop out and sort out all day long.
2. Counting and Stacking
Teach counting numbers in a way that your little toddler will enjoy! Having a wooden counting and stacking board is a great way to introduce counting numbers and identifying colors to your little one.
Aside from counting, naming colors, and creating towers, your little one can also learn several concepts and practice language development while they play with you.
Tooky Toy’s Counting Stacker is a great introductory piece that you can get at an affordable price. It’s a 119-piece stacking toy with colorful sorting bars, tiles, and colored rings – perfect for hours of counting fun!
3. Cleaning the Floor
As kids enjoy mimicking everyday chores, giving them their own cleaning set to sweep and mop the floor is a great way for them to practice responsibility and independence.
In fact, teaching kids to clean early is recommended by clinical psychologists, as it results in an early development of self-esteem and believing in their own abilities. It also allows them to develop their fine motor skills, and encourages them to help out at home.
Give your little one the Little Dustman Montessori Cleaning Toy Set. Every time you clean the house, give them the toy set and allow them to join you in cleaning. Not only does it make for a great bonding activity between you two, but it allows them to feel included and gives them the idea that they’re doing something to help you, which can make them feel good about themselves.
4. Sorting Colors
Color classification is a great way for your little ones to get the early childhood stimulation they need to develop their skills. Through sorting out colors, they are able to practice their coordination and fine motor skills, and being able to play with the colorful toys can spark enthusiasm for learning and exploration.
Playdate Collection’s Color Classification Educational Toys – Cups and Tongs set is all you need to get started. It features 6 cups, 2 tongs, and several animal pieces which your child can sort into the cups respectively. More than sorting colors and practicing their fine motor skills, it can also encourage your child to count!
5. Ball Hammering
Hammering, picking up, and releasing balls in a tower is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination in little children without taking out the fun in it. The balls’ colors allow kids to distinguish between different colors, and is a great sensory treat for them, as the balls also sound when struck and rolled.
The Beiens Ball & Hammer Pounding Toy is a quality piece that you can introduce to your toddler. It includes a hammer, 4 balls, and a stable tower that they can play with at home.
6. Bead Lacing
Bead Lacing promotes hands-on imaginative play. By choosing among the differently-shaped beads, kids are able to practice self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, resilience, and more, which are all beneficial in adulthood.
Melissa & Doug’s Primary Lacing Beads feature 30 wooden beads in 6 vibrant colors and 5 shapes, along with two long laces for hours of open-ended fun. They aim to promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor, cognitive, and visual perception skills for kids aged 3+.
Montessori activities aren’t just limited to the four walls of your home, mama. Going outdoors or being on-the-go are also great environments for montessori fun. Simply keeping them busy and offering them a challenge at the right level for their age will keep them wanting to stay busy and do the challenge again and again until they figure it out.
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