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6 Simple hacks to make your holidays less stressful

ByTiffany ReyesDecember 22, 2022
woman presenting holiday decors
They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year – all the holiday cheer, festivities, parties, shopping. But it’s also the tipping point for many mamas who are exhausted running households every day.
Hang in there, mama! We know it’s doubly tiring and our mental load just seems to go heavier. But there are simple ways you can unload. Here’s how.
1.) Try to retain the routine
Children thrive in routine. This Holiday season, try scheduling trips to the mall or family reunions around the time after they’ve napped so they’re energized. Keep their meal times consistent, and while on their school break, use the for-school schedule for more freeplay.
You should also be able to delegate some tasks, and ask your partner’s full cooperation. Kids can also be involved in planning the holidays. Let them decorate, help you clean the house, and more.
2.) Try to catch more snooze
This one’s a very hard task, we know. After all, when everyone’s asleep and we finally find time for our Netflix-and-chill moment, sleep is not a priority. But Holidays will take a toll on your health, especially when you need to stay awake for Noche Buena and Media Noche festivities.
If you need improved sleep, you should also get more sunshine during the day to improve your circadian rhythm. Based on a study published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, workers who had less sunshine exposure “had significantly worse scores” on physical well-being and vitality.
Bring kids to a nearby park, do a 5-minute walk around your neighborhood, or soak some sun while hanging up the laundry.
3.) Buy in bulk
Minimize those random grocery trips, save on gas and time when you buy household needs in bulk. You can even shop online and just have your essentials delivered to you. You can even grab deals on detergents, baby wipes, and snacks!
4.) Tap the help of a personal shopper
Thanks to technology, you can take advantage of having help with just a few clicks away. Busy moms in Metro Manila can rely on personal shoppers courtesy of edamama and anko, an Australian brand known for its high quality wooden toys and educational tools.
So, if you need a gift for that Christmas party tomorrow and you don’t have the luxury to go to the mall or wrap these gifts, know that you are only one phone call away from completing your Christmas list. Just contact 0906-346-0403, your own anko Personal Shopper, list your orders, pay via QR code (Debit/Credit/ E-wallet) or cash on delivery, have the gifts (all wrapped and ready) delivered to you for free via Grab Express on the same day (2:00 pm cut-off) or the day after.
5.) Let others do the gift wrapping
While you want to be an amazing mama who does many wonders, gift wrapping could take a lot of time off your busy schedule. Here in edamama, you can get gifts that come wrapped – and not worry about product quality. All authentic products, and you even get to save on gift wrapper expenses. It’s easy: when you check out an item, tick the gift wrapping option and see the terms and conditions.
6.) Subscribe and save
Listing groceries while answering work emails? They say don’t multitask but that’s just nearly impossible for many mothers. But thanks to technology, you can have essentials delivered to you on schedule, decreasing the need to repeat the taxing job of keeping track of your household essentials.
You can do that with the Subscribe and Save, which means you can have diapers, baby detergents, and other baby care needs delivered every month, with free shipping and at a discounted price!
Don’t worry about being forgetful about your purchases: you’ll also get notified 3 days before each succeeding order is placed so you can choose to add/subtract items, swap payment methods, change schedules, or even skip an order without any hidden fees.
Shop something for you, too!
Be kinder to yourself mama and get that bag you’ve been eyeing for a long time. Time to reward yourself for a job well done.
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