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Furmama Guide: 6 Ways to Prep Your Dog for New Year Fireworks

ByMica ValledorDecember 27, 2022
dog scared of fireworks
Fireworks are wonderful light displays that help usher in the New Year. The moment the clock strikes 12, it’s tradition for families, and other public venues, such as malls and hotels, light up the sky with bright and vibrant hues of exploding lights. They come in big and small packages, with silent sparks, and loud booms.
But, while we humans enjoy this light show, our furry friends might not find it as enjoyable. Fireworks, although beautiful, have the opposite effect on dogs. Unlike humans, fireworks can cause dogs to be anxious, stressed out, and even aggressive, especially if it’s their first time dealing with that.
Now, while there are some medications that you can safely give to your furbabies when the firework show starts, there are also several ways or methods that you can try to help them stay calm and comfortable, and avoid getting them aggressive, stressed, or afraid. Do you need ideas on how to ease your pet’s stress? Then read on to find out more!
Walk Your Dogs Early
If you’re one to walk our dogs around your street, then you might want to make sure that you walk your dogs during the day so you don’t run the risk of walking them once the fireworks start. Even this simple change in routine can help your pets immensely, even if it’s just a temporary change, since fireworks can easily startle and scare them. So, avoiding them by taking an earlier walk will do wonders for them.
You can do that on the day of, or slowly change their routine in the days or weeks leading up to New Year’s eve. Also, be sure to keep them on a leash or a lead during your walks, so in case there are any random loud bangs or early fireworks happening, you can be sure that they’re still safe and not running off in a panic.
Create A Safe Space
One way to do this is by making sure that your home has a tons of hiding spots or crawl spaces. You might be on lockdown come New Year’s eve so that your pets can remain safe indoors, but they will instinctively search for tight, dark spaces when they hear the loud bangs and sparks that the fireworks make as this gets them anxious and scared. If your home is full of open spaces that your furbabies can’t crawl under or snuggle into, they might just damage your furniture while attempting to make their own safe spaces.
Readying an indoor dog house, or any similar space will be a great option for them as this can help calm them quickly should they start to panic or get anxious.
Learn the Wrap Technique
One amazing technique every furmama should know is how to wrap your pets. Similar to how swaddling calms babies, a snug garment that gently presses against your dog's torso will ease their fear of the booming fireworks. Before the firework display begins, get your dog used to wearing a pressure wrap, such as a dog anxiety vest, so that come New Year’s eve or when the fireworks start, your dog will feel at ease with the garment.
Give Them Treats
Treats aren’t just for when your pups are being good - it can also be a tool to help them gain some calm and comfort. By giving your pets yummy treats, you are giving praise to your pet's bravery and excellent behavior while significantly reducing their stress levels.
A reward puzzle ball can provide cats and other pets with the same amount of entertainment as a stuffed chew toy does for dogs for several hours. The mind-altering effects of these engaging toys can even aid in the forgetting of their worries.
Close Your Windows, Curtains & Blinds
Another thing you can do to help ease your furbaby’s anxiety and worries is close your windows. Doing so muffles the lounds sounds and noises made by the fireworks and this also helps ensure that your lovely furballs stay indoors, even if they panic. You can also shut the blinds or curtains so that they don’t see the blinding lights or sparks and this also helps further soundproof your spaces.
Also, don’t forget to lock your windows, doors, and any pet flaps so you can be certain that your pets don’t escape if they panic.
Turn Up Some Music or Play Movies
By turning on the radio or TV, you can distract your dog or cat as well as assist conceal the loud bangs and crackles of the pyrotechnics. Play soothing music or put on a show you frequently watch to reassure your pet that everything is fine.
The white noise of the tv, radio, or even household appliances, helps pets get centered and they tend to forget about the loud bangs and noises outside when they have other noise to focus on that helps them relax.
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