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8 Filipino Toy Brands You Should Know

ByJanroe CabilesApril 13, 2022
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Love local, play local.
Playtime is essential for every family, and the joy lies in forming a bond with our children while getting to know what they enjoy, how they think, and who they will become.
Toys and accessories are the best way to complete the experience, and also enable us adults to become kids again! So many homegrown brands here in the Philippines offer high-quality items that open up new possibilities for playtime, and also ensure safety, comfort, and learning.
Check out these 10 Filipino brands with the best toys for our children and why we love them!
As parents, we’re always looking for toys designed with safety and style in mind. Bonjour Baby gives us just that, from lush babyproofing items to play accessories that everyone can enjoy.
What we love: The beautiful Labebe Wooden Rockers are perfect for toddlers, and the Foldable Ball Pit is every kid’s (and adult’s) dream for playtime!
Rainbow-colored toys are recommended when introducing colors to your baby or toddler. The Baby Basket has a selection of cute and colorful items your little one will surely love.
What we love: The Silicone Rainbow Stacker is made with food grade silicone, making it perfect even for your teething baby.
Inspired by Luna Lovegood of the Harry Potter series, Luna Love MNL was founded by a homeschooling family of three with the goal of supplying other families with quality toys, books, and non-toxic paints for playing and learning.
What we love: Our children can live their artist dreams with this non-toxic Washable Tempera Paint and Palette with Brush!
Modern design and functionality meet in the vision of Beyond Function. Founded by two sister-in-laws and friends, they shared a mutual love of quality design and inspiring spaces, and share that with everyone with their children’s furniture!
What to love: Beautiful and functional carts have a place in baby’s playtime! This hand-woven Wonder Cart is the perfect fixture for babies on the go.
Did you know that 10% of your purchase from this brand goes to partner children's home? It also doesn't hurt that their products are modern and beautifully-made.
What we love: The 28 soft silicone pieces of the Sili Domino Set will suit your toddler’s little fingers and their brain development. They are great learning tools as they can be played in different ways.
HIYAS, meaning gem in Filipino, is OMF Literature’s imprint for children’s books. Explore a variety of heartwarming stories that leave an impact on our children featuring the values of every Filipino family.
What we love: Colorful, magical, and representative, Hiyas books all feature memorable characters and fun plots.
Kids love to cuddle, and some would even have a favorite plush toy they would want to bring along everywhere they go. Plushies are not just soft and huggable, they also give young ones a sense of safety and help develop their caring and compassionate side.
What we love: Let the cute and adorable plush toys from Plush and Play be your child's best buddy through all the emotional ups and downs of his or her life. They are made of felt and hand-stitched carefully, and come in different charming and comical designs.
Going beyond toys, Kitivity engages children with creativity and problem-solving with reusable activity kits. With these items, momtrepreneur and founder Michelle wanted to create fun and meaningful interactions for all parents.
What we love: The On-the-Go Activity Kit comprises of finger puppets, velcro accessories, stickers, coloring materials, and an activity book that our children can play with on their own or with us.
Support local brands while also choosing the best for your family. What #ProudlyPinoy brands do you love, mama? Share it and tag us at @edamama.ph!
Cover photo courtesy of Plush and Play's Facebook page
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