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A First Timer’s Guide to Becoming a Furparent

ByMica ValledorJanuary 23, 2023
asian woman with her corgi dog outdoors
For many of us, being “furparents” comes easily and naturally. But, for others, especially those who have never had pets before, being a furparent might be a little more challenging. It can be especially difficult when you don’t know where to start or what you’ll need to do to get you and your spaces ready to host a pet.
Now, just like having kids, you have to prepare yourself and the homes that you’re going to have your furry friends live in ready to welcome them. That means you have to ensure that there are no loose items for your pets to reach or chew on, no clothes or shoes for them to make into toys, and they have food and water bowls where they can eat and drink.
It may seem like a lot of preparation is needed before you can become a furparent, but when you begin getting ready, you’ll find that it’s worth your while and not actually that difficult, especially since you’re doing it for the next adorable addition to your family. So, if you’re a first-time furparent who needs a little help getting ready, worry not, for we’ve compiled the top 5 reminders or steps you should take note of before you welcome your furbabies home. Read on to learn more!
1.) Getting an Identification Tag
The last thing any fur parent wants is for any pet to go missing. But, if your pet accidentally leaves the house and becomes lost, having pet tags or some sort of identification tag on them will increase your chances of being reunited.
So, before you get a pet, it would be helpful if you got them a tag that includes your information on the tag and is readable and current. A microchip implant with a special number that is registered on a database with your contact information is an alternative that some cities offer, and it will serve as confirmation that you are the rightful owner.
2.) Finding the Right Vet
It’s essential to have a reputable veterinarian. You can pick a go-to vet by getting recommendations and visiting the clinics in person so you can see how that environment is for yourself.
Having a reliable vet is also a key element in ensuring that your pet is always healthy and happy. A yearly trip to the vet will provide them with additional defense since it entails receiving routine vaccinations and flea and heartworm treatments.
3.) Establish a Routine
Having a pet doesn’t mean that your entire life has to change - you simply have to figure out how to insert their needs and schedules into your own. That means figuring out their toilet patterns, their behavioral issues and needs, their walk and sleep times, feeding times, and other such things that they’ll be needing. Establishing a routine isn’t just for your benefit but also for theirs. When you show them repeated actions such as having a set feeding time or a set sleeping time, you teach them when to expect a certain action and this shows them how to follow your rules and your schedules.
4.) Selecting Good Food
Many pet owners think that just buying any type of dog food is alright but this isn’t the case as every dog is different and each have varying needs. Some dogs have bone issues, some need certain foods to help keep their skin and coats shiny and clean, while others are actually allergic to some food!
Find out what your new pet has been eating before you go grocery shopping, and then decide whether to continue feeding it that or switch to a new diet. Consider aspects including your pet's age, size, breed, amount of exercise, food allergies, pricing variations, and product discontinuations while making your choice.
5.) Learning About Reinforcing Good Behavior
Your new pet will adjust throughout the first several days. Use positive reinforcement to teach your pet the house rules. Praise, treats, or their favorite toy can be used to reward positive behavior. Watch your pet's body language as it becomes comfortable, paying attention to how the tail, ears, and eyes move and are positioned.
After checking off all these reminders and tasks, you’re sure to be ready to welcome home your new furry family member. And we at edamama are sure you'll make a wonderful furparent! Even though the road to being a furparent won’t always be an easy one, you'll soon realize that all your hard work and efforts are worthwhile once your pet enters your home.
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