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6 Essentials for a Fun Bath Time

ByFrances ChavezJanuary 6, 2022
baby bath time
Bath time with your little one can go two ways. It can be either really fun or really stressful. A lot of factors come into play. Is the water too hot? Are they in a good mood? Is it the right time for a bath?
A big part of bath time success, though, has something to do with toys and accessories. In other words, is your baby entertained enough while you do the business of bathing them?
You probably already have some bath products for your babe; and also probably already know to practice safe steps during bath time. But still, you might want to check out the following items that may still be missing from your baby’s bath arsenal.

1. Bath products

The first and most important step is to get the right products for your baby. The trick is to find sensitive skin-friendly items to make sure they agree with their baby skin, and yet it's common to go by trial-and-error for the best one! An all-purpose option would be a Baby Head to Toe Wash from Messy Bessy, since they don't need differentiated products like shampoo, facial wash, etc. Then go with the post-bath essentials like cotton balls and buds to absorb any hard-to-reach areas, like this Baby Moby's New Born Essential Kit.
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2. Bath toys

A straightforward approach to engage your kid in the bathtub is letting them play with toys. Colorful, nautical toys with soy-based inks and water-based varnishes are your best bet for newborns and tots, like B. Toys’ Wee B. Splashy.


. Baby bath seat

The more support your baby gets, the better. Choose a baby seat, like this smart bath seat from Murmur, that can fit in the bathtub, the sink, even a large basin. You can even use it as a prop for a game of pretend with your toddler: is your baby strapped into a rocket ship? A roller coaster? A boat?

4. Hooded towels

For anyone’s bath time, towels are a given. But for our babies, a hood is an extra touch for them not to catch a cold. Extra points if the towel is cute like this bamboo hooded towel that comes with a washcloth from Nuborn.

5. Sand toys

Don’t be fooled by the name. If you think outside the box, sand toys can be used even without sand and just in water. Pouring and splashing around with floatable tools is just as good as building a sandcastle, after all. This set of sand toys from Stephen Joseph even comes in a cute washable tote bag.

6. Floats

If you have a tub at home, who says your babe can’t relax a little while taking a bath? This duck rider float from Bestway could be a playful addition to the bathtub every once in a while. It even comes with a cup holder, which can instead carry bath toys! Bonus: If you want to get more out of your bath, try a little swimming session with your little one complete with goggles!
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