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Benefits of After School Clubs

ByEdamama Editorial TeamOctober 6, 2022
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Seeing your little one attend school is already an achievement to all parents! Right, Mamas? It is not an easy journey for them to reach that certain point, but of course, they will eventually reach that phase of their precious lives.
Now that they are being exposed to the outside world, the environment they are in will be vital for their growth and development. Attending school will enhance different skills and aspects as an individual, specifically those that will be useful when they begin answering mathematical problems, reading comprehension exercises, and the like. At schools, there is actually another way for your little beans to also enhance and develop other soft skills. This is where extracurricular activities or after school clubs come in.
After School Clubs
If you have no idea on what after school clubs are, we are here to give you a brief background on what it is really about and what is its added value to your child’s overall growth!
After school clubs literally happen after your child’s daily studies, subjects, or classes in the campus. These clubs have their own creative and insightful sessions that will allow your child to learn while playing or performing, and engaging with other people within their group. There is a wide variety of clubs ranging from sports, arts, and academic clubs. Here are some of the examples of potential clubs that they may join:
Sports Arts Academics
Solo/Dual Team Singing Math
Chess Basketball Dancing Science
Swimming Volleyball Drawing English
What’s something in common among these clubs is the opportunity for your little one to discover their potential, develop new skills, and gain amazing experiences.
Benefits of After School Clubs
Now that we’ve got an idea of the types of after school clubs that our little ones can try, let’s talk about why parents should be more supportive of letting them attend these after school clubs. We are listing the benefits of joining after school clubs, make sure to keep them in mind!
1.) Enhance physical and mental health
As adults, doing something interesting during their free time or something different from their daily routine boosts the mood of an individual. Almost the same situation actually goes for the kids too. Physical activity or exercising can reduce the chances of becoming depressed or experiencing anxiety. There is a study that discovered the social dynamic of physical activities can help in protecting the childhood of one against depression and anxiety. Thus, participating or joining in different after school clubs can enhance the physical and mental health of a child because of the activities they will do and their engagement with their peers.
2.) Aids with your child’s social development
As mentioned in the early paragraphs, your child will be enhancing multiple skills as they grow older through experiences. Academics is already a huge step to their development, but becoming part of after school clubs is another aspect. The soft skills of your little one will be highly tapped in because of the socialization skills they will be using. Interacting with new people, upholding self-confidence and boosting their morale are some examples of what they will experience.
3.) Create leaders of their own
A good follower can also be a good leader. Since your child is still encountering new learnings, they will soon become leaders of their own. With the skills they learned, they will become team players and leaders who can help other people in the future. This is a benefit of after school clubs because they were able to mold their character traits and learn more on how they can be of help to other people.
4.) Learn more about themselves
Self-discovery is one of the greatest feelings out there. Your child can have a glimpse of what is their future through joining extracurricular activities. With enough exposure, they can pave their track based on the interests they have from joining clubs. Application of the concepts and skills they learned will then follow, making them become their own selves while excelling.
Products that can be used for After School Clubs
Let your little one have their best experience while doing their extra curricular activities! Here are some of the products from edamama that you can buy for your child for their after school clubs:
Fern-C Kidz (120ml) and Fern-C Vitamin C 500mg (10 Capsules)
Given that your child is going to be participating in different extracurricular activities after their daily classes, they will be needing extra energy to still be functional. One of the products that you can consider purchasing is vitamins. These vitamins are by Fern-C which has two variants, one is for kids, and the other is for adolescents or growing adults.
Acqua Classic Insulated Bottle (500ml)
Since your child’s day will be a little longer due to their extracurricular activities, here’s a product that will help them stay hydrated! This Acqua classic insulated bottle will serve as a companion for your little one’s activities. Having such can promote better health habits, and even better drinking experience. Plus points for learning to become environmentally aware by using this product, Mamas!
Zippies Disney Princess Iridescent Reverso Tote Bag
Your little bean might be needing extra storage for their gear or materials that they will use in their school club! Here is a Disney Princess Iridescent Reverso Tote Bag by Zippies that can serve as their after school club bag! Let them put their needed items to stay organized.
After school clubs definitely have their perks! Try encouraging and introducing these sessions to your little bean and see them develop through experiences! Have a fun learning journey with your child, Mamas!
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