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Best picks: anko toys for my little one

ByTiffany ReyesDecember 13, 2022
cute baby playing with wooden blocks
As a mom of an only child, keeping my 4-year old son entertained when he has no playmate his age can be quite a task– especially when I am busy working from home or attending to household chores.
Though I can leave him in his room at times because he’s now more independent, I still need to feel secure about the toys that he plays with. I need safe alternatives, and educational stuff that will keep him busy. I set my sights on anko, an Australian household brand for wooden and educational toys. I used to ask a friend abroad to buy it for me and I usually wait for 2 months via sea cargo to get the items. You could just imagine my delight when I found that anko has reached Philippine shores through my favorite shopping portal edamama.
Here are some of the best anko products locally available, and I swear by their durability, playability, and safety.
90-pack colored pencils
My son loves to draw but hates answering his school worksheets. My solution? Start by letting him use colored pencils. And it works! He likes picking out colors, and using them to draw on paper. It comes with a tube for safe and uncluttered storage, and is non-toxic hence safe for daily use.
Magnetic blocks
If you want open-ended toys, this one’s the best investment. I got this Magnetic Blocks for my son for his birthday a year ago and this remains a favorite. It’s easy to store (just stack them up and keep in a small, clear box), and best to play alone or with company. My son has built houses for his toy figures, towers, bridges – anything he can imagine! This set has definitely helped and developed his fine motor skills, sensory, tactile, and free play skills.
11-piece wooden cake set
This unisex toy is great to play with, with or without playmate. My little boy who dreams of becoming a chef likes pretending to bake cakes and serves slices to people at home. This Wooden Unicorn Cake Set comes with a cake server, cake plate, cake toppers, and 6 slices of rainbow colored pretend cake. This one’s best for ages 3 years and up.
Ice cream set
Expand that pretend restaurant play with this 18-piece wooden ice cream set, which has a menu, teaspoon, chocolate toppings, sprinkles, scoop, cones, cups, and icy poles. My son loves to “feed” his plushie friends with his goods in the restaurant. Let your child have fun stacking cones, mixing and matching toppings and sprinkles, making him busy for a long time.
Water skill game
Bring back the old toys, I dare say! Here’s something that kept me busy as a kid and now will definitely make my curious boy sit and try something new. Do away with screen time with Water Skill Game – a plaything with simple rules. Use push buttons to launch hoops on the target and the player with the most hoops that got in wins.
Soldier Adventure Bucket Set
Let your child set up his own army, in the absence of a playmate. This 60-piece soldier adventure bucket set has tanks, aircrafts, and plenty of soldier toy figures. It’s a necessary tool for a non-boring playtime!
Wooden Post Box
Introduce the art of writing and receiving love letters with the anko post box, which has a post box with opening door and carry handle, colorful chalks, a postcard, letter, and gift parcel. Your little mail man will have fun opening and closing the door, delivering letters around people in the house, and more.
Sand and Water play table
My curious school boy loves sensory activities. Anko’s play table helps keep out the mess while my son gets his uninterrupted play. This set has a bucket and tools, water wheels, and other knick knacks for a fun experience.
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