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Chinese New Year 2023: Preparations and edamama Sale

ByNiño QuizonJanuary 20, 2023
asian family celebrating Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is just around the corner! For a lot of Mamas out there, they actually give time in preparing for this occasion. Given that there is a large Filipino-Chinese community in our country, there are festivities that happen during Chinese New Year. The Filipinos celebrate Chinese New Year, or also known as “Lunar New Year,” to honor and acknowledge the cultural heritage of the Chinese in the Philippines.
Home Decorations for the New Year
When it comes to preparations for the Chinese New Year, Mamas can plan for having a simple celebration with their families. For instance, Mamas can decorate their homes with red lanterns and also banners in anticipation of the holiday. Having banners that wish good luck and good fortune for the new year is a Chinese tradition (China Family Adventure, 2022).
Chinese New Year Lucky Foods
Mamas can also prepare traditional Chinese New Year food for her family and guests to feast on. There is a list of ‘lucky’ Chinese food that can be served during the said holiday. These dishes have their respective symbolic meanings and are believed to bring good luck for the new year ahead (Roth, 2022). Here are a couple of lucky food that Mamas can serve during the new year:
Whole Fish
This is one of the common features in the Chinese New Year menus because fish, when served as a whole, is believed to represent wholeness, abundance, and prosperity.
Also identified as ‘mandoo’ in Korean or ‘gyoza’ in Japanese, these dumplings are definitely delicious and are served during new year celebrations. This food is believed to be linked to currency as it could bring prosperity and luck for the upcoming year.
The go-to dish of every party, whether in the Filipino or Chinese roots, you will not leave the ‘long-life noodles’ behind. These “longevity noodles” can be as long as two feet. There are myths that say the longer the noodle you consume, the more years will be added to your lifespan.
Just like fried spring rolls, lumpia is the counterpart of it in the Philippines. These are seen to be a resemblance of gold bars and are considered to bring luck for the new year.
A snack, dessert, or even a gift for your loved ones this Lunar New Year is tangerines. These are deemed to be lucky because from the Cantonese word of tangerine, it is similar to the term for wealth. The color of the fruit itself is considered to be lucky since it is gold.
Gift Giving during the Lunar New Year
Though food is one of the important highlights when one celebrates the Chinese New Year, shopping and gift-giving should also be an activity to be recognized. Just like the other occasions, remembering your loved ones during this special day is much appreciated. However, there are just some reminders to take note of when giving gifts during the Chinese New Year.
When giving gifts, putting them in yellow, red, or gold wrapper or packaging is a plus since these colors symbolize wealth and prosperity. To counter that, do not wrap your gifts or give gifts that are colored blue, black, or white because in Chinese traditions, these are colors more commonly seen in funerals.
For instance, when preparing gifts, Mamas can consider making a gift set for your little bean that consists of eight (8) different items since this is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Don’t forget about the red envelopes, or the ‘ampao’ that you can give too as it represents luck and blessings. Just make sure that you do not get the following items as gifts because it has bad meanings (evil, bad luck, farewells): shoes, umbrellas, sharp objects, handkerchiefs, clocks, cutted flowers, mirrors, pears, necklaces/ties/belts, and green hats.
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