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7 Educational DIY Games for Toddlers

ByFrances ChavezJanuary 6, 2022
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Caring for babies of ages 1 to 3 years old, there’s never a dull moment—even at home. First steps, first sentences, and first memories. Whenever you take a break from baby’s sensorimotor toys at home, you can actually create learning moments with DIY games to teach them colors, numbers, and even letters.
We promise, all you need is a couple of household things to get started! Bonus: You can even use recycled items! Check out these 7 educational games for toddlers that you can DIY!
Learning Numbers
1. Number Stones
Simple game for number recognition and motor skills.
Photo from 3 Minute DIY
What you need:
• Stones or smooth rocks (10 pcs.)
• Permanent marker
• Plastic or ziplock bag (1 pc.)
What to do:
1. Write a number on each stone, from 1 to 10.
2. Write numbers 1 to 10 in two lines on the plastic, then encircle.
3. Place all stones in the plastic, facing up.
4. Play by poking and moving stones to the corresponding number.
2. Numbers in Two Languages
Raising a bilingual child? Nurture the process with this easy game that spells out the numbers in two languages. Of course, adding Filipino is highly recommended!
Photo from 3 Minute DIY
What you need:
• Recycled plastic bottles (10 pcs.)
• Scissors or utter
• Glue
• Illustration board (1 pc.)
ª Permanent marker
What to do:
1. Cut the area of the plastic bottle near the opening of the bottle caps, and do the same for the rest.
2. Glue the lower rim to illustration board.
3. Write the number figures ion the bottle caps.
4. Spell out the numbers in all languages on the illustration board.
5. Play by reading numbers out loud and matching bottle caps to corresponding label.
3. What’s the missing number?
Before you move on to counting, you need to make sure of whether your baby remembers all of the numbers. Play this missing game to practice!
Photo from 3 Minute DIY
What you need:
• Laundry clips (10 pcs.)
• Popsicle sticks (10 pcs.)
• Permanent marker
What to do:
1. Write a number on each clip, from 1 to 10.
2. Write the numbers 1 to 10 with a single number missing (shown by a blank underline). Do each popsicle stick missing a different number.
3. Play the quiz-like game by pinning the clip on popsicle stick to fill in missing number.
Learning the Alphabet
4. Sequencing letters
With this versatile cardboard game, you can either teach the alphabet or spelling!
Photo from 3 Minute DIY
What you need:
• Plastic bottles or old milk cartons
• Scissors or cutter
• Glue
• Cardboard
• Permanent marker
• Magic or masking tape
• Paper
What to do:
1. Cut the area of the plastic bottle or milk carton near the opening of the caps, and do the same for the rest.
2. Get cardboard and fold lengthwise. Use cutter to lightly crease in the middle to help.
2. Glue the lower rim of bottles or cartons in a line to one side of cardboard.
3. Write the letters of either alphabet or word on bottle caps.
4. Write desired word or sequence of letters to spell out on a paper as a guide. Tape lightly on the other side of the cardboard (so it’s easy to remove for reuse).
5. Play by jumbling bottle caps and matching to spell out word or alphabet according to written guide.
5. Alphabet Matcher
To help with letter recognition, use an alphabet matcher featuring capital and small cap letters in a friendly BINGO format.
What you need:
• Paper (2 pcs.)
• Permanent Marker
• Printer (optional)
What to do:
1. Create a matrix of jumbled capital letters in boxes. Fill up desired numbers of columns and rows.
2. On a second sheet, create an identical matrix but with small letters. Cut each square.
Optional: Print both matrices and cut small letter squares.
3. Play by matching letters. Feel free to create own rules of winning. 
Learning Colors
6. Color Scavenger Hunt
Take this opportunity to move around the house and find trinkets together to learn more about color.
Photo from Cool Mom Picks
What you need:
• Illustration board
• Assorted color paper
• Glue
• Permanent marker
What to do:
1. Cut out different colors of paper in smaller rectangles to fit illustration board. Paste on board.
2. Label each rectangle with color.
3. Play by looking around the house or room for items that match the color, and place in the area.
7. Color Sorter
Have fun with your hands and sort out an entire bag of chocolate or candy!
Photo from Toys Fun Club
What you need:
• A bag of colored chocolate or candy (ex. M&Ms, Skittles, etc.)
• Clean surface
What to do:
1. Empty bag of sweets.
2. Play by sorting every piece by color.
Enjoy creating and playing with baby!