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Edamama Gift Registry: Making Gift Giving More Fun

ByEdamama Editorial TeamSeptember 20, 2022
edamama Gift Registry
Many people enjoy the fact that they are remembered by their relatives or loved ones through gifts. In the present times, there is now a new efficient way for both the hosts and their guests when it comes to gift giving! The Gift Registry feature by edamama has made gifting more fun and enjoyable!
Edamama’s Gift Registry Feature
The Gift Registry feature allows our users to create their own wishlist for their upcoming celebration that can be then shared to their family and friends. This can be done through our Edamama website or mobile app. The user will be choosing their preferred items to be added to the list. Once done, they can input the email addresses of their guests or just copy the link of their list and send it to their family and friends. For every gift ticked off the list, a notification will be sent via email. Learn more about gift registry here.
Benefits of Having Your Own Gift Registry
There are a lot of advantages brought by having your own gift registry! In the first place, choosing the items you will be needing in the future is indeed a practical move. There will be no repetition of gifts since it will be visible to the guests that items have been successfully given the list. Sometimes, as gift-buyers, choosing gifts is stressful. Mostly when you do not really know what’s the best thing the celebrant would be needing. That is why It is also a great gesture for your guests to have a guide on what item/s they can be buying to celebrate a milestone of yours.
Aside from these, it can be emphasized that the wishlist will be via online. This means that it will be very accessible and convenient for your guests to checkout and purchase the gifts from your wishlist, anytime and anywhere! For the gift-givers, there will also be a FREE gift wrapping service if they reach a basket size of ₱1,000 and up!
As for the payment method, international credit cards are also accepted. Family and friends who are overseas can also buy you a special gift too! It will be easy as well for guests to check out when they access the wish list via the web. For both ends, should there be any concerns regarding the gift registry created by you Mamas, there is a dedicated customer service via Viber that would be more than happy to assist you!
A wide selection of brands for mamas and children are waiting for you to be added in your respective lists! This is definitely a great way to give and receive gifts, Mamas! Have an upcoming event? Create your gift registry now and start spreading your list to your loved ones!
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