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Everything You Need to Prepare for Baby’s Binyag

ByMonica OtayzaJanuary 31, 2023
Every Catholic family looks forward to a baby’s binyag, which is their right of passage into Catholicism. It symbolizes welcoming a child into God’s loving family, and is a big deal, especially here in the Philippines. 
Here, we talk about everything you need to know about preparing for your little one’s binyag, from preparation, to the church, and to the reception. Read through the entire article to make sure you’ve got everything covered! 
Discern on your baby’s Ninangs and NinongsDeciding on your baby’s ninangs and ninongs should be a topic of discussion for you and your partner. You will need to choose people whom you know will stand in as second parents to your child, and will do so without hesitation. 
When choosing your baby’s godparents, choose people who exhibit the values you’d like your child to emulate, and whom you know will be ready to guide and support your child as they grow. 
Reserve the Church After you have your list of godparents, the next most important thing to do is reserve the church. After all, why else are we planning everything else for? 
Choose the church you’d like to have your little one baptized in, whether it’s your neighborhood church, or another beautiful church you’d like to use. Visit the parish office, ask for binyag requirements (which may vary depending on the church,) block off your chosen date, and pay the fees (if any.) 
Note that some churches have a maximum number of allowed godparents. Make sure to bring your list and have the church approve all names so as not to run into any problems during the baptism itself. 
Make a Guestlist Before you plan out your reception, you need to make a guestlist to get an idea of how big you’ll need the event to be. While it’s nice to invite all your family and friends, remember that the guestlist can be as big or small as you want it to be. At the end of the day, it’s your baby’s godparents that are essential on that day. 
Make and Send Out the InvitationWhether you’d like to keep it simple by creating a Facebook Event, or going the extra mile by making a printed invitation, choose a simple theme for your little one’s binyag. Some popular themes include: Woodland Creatures, Rainbows and Clouds, Boho Rainbows, Baby Animals, Bears, and Noah’s Ark. 
In your binyag invitation, make sure to include all the important details about the event so that all the guests know what to expect. Churches are often strict with the start time of their ceremonies, so adding a note for godparents not to be late might help you ensure that everyone arrives before the priest begins the baptismal rites. 
Begin the Binyag Preparation
Once you have your invitation ready, plan out the reception by listing down everything you need. Here is a rundown of what you’ll be needing that day:
If you choose to have your little one’s binyag reception at a restaurant, you hit two birds with one stone by crossing out your event venue and food supplier. 
Another option is having a caterer supply food and drinks for your event, whether at home or at a function room or events place. 
If you’re having an intimate celebration, preparing the food yourself or ordering from a trusted food tray supplier could do the trick as well. 
If you have a chosen theme, binyag decoration ideas are widely available online. Choose some pegs from the internet and buy some themed decorations, or you can even choose to do it yourself if you’re feeling creative! 
Binyag souvenirs show appreciation to all those who made time to attend your little one’s special day. Scattering souvenirs around can keep guests entertained and could buy you some time, especially if you have a planned post-baptism photoshoot after the ceremony. 
Some crowd-favorite souvenirs include having a photo booth, food carts, and activity booths. You’d be surprised with how long the lines could get! 
While there are many adorable Christian-themed memorabilia available online that would make nice binyag giveaways, there are other practical options that your guests would appreciate. Giving useful gifts that guests could use, or food that they can enjoy are some fool-proof options you can consider. 
No Filipino celebration is complete without cake! Your little one’s binyag cake can be as simple or as grand as you want it to be. At the end of the day, it’s the cake’s meaning that matters – that you’re celebrating a special day that marks your little one’s entry into God’s loving family! 
While this is completely optional, having a photographer can allow you to have something to look back at in the years to come, and save you from stress as well. During the ceremony and the baptism, you’d like you and your family to have your hands free. Let the photographer do all the documenting so that you could savor every moment. 
Talk about binyag outfits 
While the standard binyag outfit color is usually any shade of white, it’s important to clear that up with all attendees to avoid any miscommunication. Here are some appropriate suggestions for all ages:
Binyag outfit for the celebrant
Girls usually wear an all-white gown which they pair with a white headband or cap, while boys wear an all-white romper or polo and shorts set. 
Binyag outfit for ninongs and other male attendees
Have dad, ninongs, and other male attendees wear a white collared shirt during the baptism. Depending on how formal you’d like them to be, you may choose between a button-down polo or a simple collared top to be paired with jeans or pants. 
Binyag outfit for ninangs and other women attendees
The same way male attendees are required to wear white, so should the women attendees. Mamas and ninangs usually wear a white dress, white blouse and pants or skirt, or a white jumpsuit during binyags. You can give them the liberty to choose their outfits, but remind them of the church’s dress code to avoid any mishaps. 
It can seem overwhelming to plan a binyag (or any celebration for your little one!) but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as everyone makes it seem. Use this list as a guide to map out all the essentials, and any extras can simply be added on should you wish. 


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