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Holiday gift guide: What to give pregnant moms

ByTiffany ReyesNovember 2, 2022
Pregnant woman getting a Christmas gift
Pregnancy is an exciting time. Whether it’s the first or last baby, each experience is unique to every mother. It’s literally backbreaking, while one goes through a whole range of emotions– no thanks to hormones all hyperactive during pregnancy.
If you have a friend or a family member undergoing this exciting phase, it’s time to show your love with these really nice gift ideas – add to cart, have it gift-wrapped, check out. Here are some deals on edamama for every new mama.
For self and baby care
1.) Help your mama friend prepare for childbirth with Mum Bub Hub bath soak, a relaxing way to increase the elasticity of the perineum, paving the way for a relatively easier labor and delivery.
2.) You may also choose to give Mustela’s Stretch Marks serum not just for vanity; this not only helps lessen stretch marks, but it also provides comfort to expectant mama because its moisturizing properties help lessen tummy itch.
3.) You may also opt giving mama a safe product for her newborn, like Coco Haven’s Subtle Touch, a baby cologne that’s safe to use and is especially created to nourish baby’s hair, scalp, and skin.
4.) Say goodbye to those insect bite-induced itches with Coco Haven’s Bugs Away cream, which has virgin coconut oil, citronella, lemongrass, and neem. All really baby-safe!
Useful items
5.) You want an expectant mama to choose the gift herself? Go get her edamama’s P1500 e-gift card, a practical solution when you can’t think of a specific present. Let her budget the voucher and choose from a wide array of mom and baby products. The voucher has no expiration date, and the code (with your personalized message) reaches their inbox within 24 hours, guaranteed!
6.) You may also get mama-to-be Rocketmom’s maternity leggings that will surely be her go-to outfit for those hospital check-ups, mall strolls, and other trips. The leggings will provide her comfort while keeping her stylish as her baby bump grows.
7.) Go big on your love language with Wink postpartum bikini binder, a top recommended binder that helps speed up postpartum recovery, especially for those who had Cesarean birth.
8.) Need a bag that easily attaches to a stroller? Check out this Bumprider Connect side bag, which would house all of baby’s essentials.
9.) Use it with the Bumprider Connect 2 stroller, the only one in the world with a “flight mode” system. The stroller also has easy magnetic buttons, fully reclinable backrest, heavy duty swivel front wheels for that smooth ride, and you can use it for the long haul because it can carry newborns to 4 years old (or 25 kilos weight capacity).
For baby’s sleep and play
10.) Your mama friend will definitely lack sleep postpartum. Help her and the baby get enough rest to recover and grow, respectively, with a safe-for-sleep crib nest. Moms on edamama swear by the softness and durability of this co-sleeping essential.
11.) During the day, get the baby busy with a Yookidoo Gymotion Activity playland, a playmat set that’s useful until toddlerhood! It has a motion track that keeps the baby engaged during tummy time, and has plenty of multi-textured toys, sensory accessories, a baby mirror, music and more for fun learning moments.
12.) Make a new mama experience easy bath time with her baby through Yookidoo Elephant Baby Shower, a portable baby shower with gentle flow. With its easy activation shower head and slow stream, plus a soft design for ultimate baby safety, a parent can hold the baby with ease during bath.
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