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Hop, run, jump: Toys that encourage kids to move more

ByTiffany ReyesDecember 19, 2022
Children who love to move a lot have energies that need to be spent. They’re likely tactile learners too, which means they retain information best when they move.Jumping while studying? Most likely. These kids do not enjoy sitting for long and need motion, sometimes speed, to pass time or digest information.
As mamas, we need to help them consume their energy. We also need to make sure that our children have enough gross motor activities because movement is crucial not only for their physical development – motion actually helps develop their brain and improves their emotional wellbeing.
But you may ask, how? Of course you’d like a safe way to do this. Here are some big toy suggestions for your active children, plus some safety reminders.
When you lack space
Living in a condo but would like to offer something your child can climb on for hours? Check out a half-circle climber that you can prop up anytime in the common area. Your child can even get imaginative and make it a bridge between your sofas.
You may also try a balance board with a built-in maze for hours of fun. The labyrinth will encourage children to move side to side, find their balance and increase their attention span. Stepping stones, or pebble-like stilts with anti-slip guards, will also be a great addition for toddlers and school-age kids – at least they won’t have to move so fast chasing you.
Another option would be to teach balance and control speed with a durable indoor slide that won’t take up much space.
For motion seekers
Got a Lightning McQueen fan in your home? Keep up with the need for speed with a Dinsey-Pixar licensed Tri-scooter, which allows your child to enjoy a traditional scooter, with a twist! This storage friendly toy vehicle also may also fold into 2 for easy storage.
For your inquisitive toddler, you may also choose a 3-in1 trike bike that you can convert and use for years. Play it in the garage or on a safe road near your home and see your child feel the wind on his or her face. Don’t forget to grab an age-appropriate helmet.
Toddlers may also get a taste of independence and speed with a twist car. This will help them get acquainted with motion without using their feet, and teach them directions depending on how they move their arms.
For pre-teens
Get them off their phones or computer games with tools that will encourage movement. Bring back the coolness of spending hours on skates. Get one with adjustable grips and they’ll surely use it for years. Younger kids can try skates on shoes, a perfect after-school bonding with their friends.
Add some cardio exercise to your family’s daily routine too with a jump rope that has dimensions fit for your growing child.
For older kids, perhaps those already in their teen years, they’d be interested to try skateboarding, as long as there are precautions in place and they know their limits and practice hard, it would be a safe hobby.
Do you have other ideas on what toys and tools could encourage movement? Join our conversation on Connect for more suggestions, or you check out other Fun and Learning selections here.
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