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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

ByJerni Camposano-GomezDecember 29, 2022
Woman working out at home
With all the celebrations and social gatherings we attended during the Yuletide season, it doesn’t come as a surprise that we’d lost sight of our healthy habits and all those holiday feasting had wrecked our fitness goals. What to do now, mama?
Kickstart the brand new year right by staying focused on your health and fitness journey. After all, being fit and healthy is an important part of your wellness journey, especially that we are mamas who juggle every role imaginable.
Forget about all the excuses you can come up with, mama. Be in your best healthy self in 2023 by doing the following:
1. Set realistic goals.
You need to be specific about what you want to achieve: how much weight to lose, how many hours in a day or week to workout, how much water intake in a day, and so on. By having such details, you can determine what exactly you’re going to do and when you should be able to achieve them. Set a deadline for yourself and hold yourself accountable for missing out on progress and milestones.
2. Write down your fitness resolutions and display them.
It works like a vision board. People create and display one because it helps them visualize their goals. See your resolutions through by writing them down so that they become a constant reminder and motivation of what you want to achieve. Display them on your office desk or stick it on your refrigerator using adorable memo pads.
3. Ditch the elevators and say yes to the stairs.
Opting for the stairs has more benefits than you think. It’s one of the best workouts as it can tone up muscles and helps burn calories. If you are going up or down a few levels, choose the stairs and you’ll see small improvements to your health and fitness over time.
4. Find a fitness buddy.
What about using your bonding time with your mama tribe to break a sweat? Morning jogging, yoga time, cycling classes, or Zumba sessions will become more fun and engaging when you do them with your pals. You’re likely to feel more motivated when you have someone to cheer you on and encourage you to stay on track to achieve your fitness goals.
No friend to exercise with? You don’t even need to look far and wide. Let your little one join you in your home workouts. Teach them by example that health and fitness should be a priority in life, no matter how busy one’s schedule is.
5. Treat yourself to some shopping.
Oops, we’re not talking about adding that luxury bag to your cart. This is about fitness shopping. Get yourself a nice pair of running shoes, a lovely yoga mat and accessories, a spacious gym bag, a breathable sports bra, or whatever you need to make working out more fun and fashionable. The key is to choose pieces that will make you happy while you're using them.
Your health and wellbeing matter, mama. So make that commitment to be fit and fab in 2023. We are rooting for you!
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