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Raising the Next Sports Superstar: How To Help Your Child Excel in Sports

ByJerni Camposano-GomezMarch 29, 2022
parents and kid in basketball training
Participating in a sports activity is more than just winning or losing—there are many life lessons that kids can pick up from playing a sport. From being able to work well with others to learning how to work hard to achieve a goal, sports can indeed transform ordinary kids into champions.
If your little one shows special interest or exhibits remarkable talent in a specific sport, don’t allow that talent to go to waste. Here’s how to support your future sports superstar, whether it’s in weightlifting or in boxing—because you’ll never know if they might be the next one to bring home Olympic medals for the Philippines!
 1. Always provide emotional support. 
Sports training can be tough. Kids who are serious in their chosen sport need to dedicate time for their training and it can be more challenging if they also have to accomplish their schoolwork. Support them emotionally by being there when they need someone to talk to or by being aware of their needs. Shower your child with unconditional love to keep them going even during the most difficult of times.
2. Make sure your child is having fun. 
While sports can be a serious undertaking, your child should have fun while doing it. Let go of the need to see them succeed all the time. While winning feels good, it should not always be their end goal and they will understand it more if you constantly remind them of what’s more important. Let them be kids on the field who are just out there enjoying their youth and energy. Playing sports should be an exciting activity for them. 
3. Remind them that they have a life outside of sports. 
 Ironic as it may sound, kids in sports don’t have to talk about sports all the time. They don’t have to always hear how well they scored on the basketball court or how good their tennis moves are. During dinner, talk about something else and let them have a break. It should not be the only thing that defines your child, so they don’t feel the pressure that comes with it. 
4. Be their role model. 
You don’t have to train with them, but it helps to see someone in their family get interested and immersed in their sport. What about setting a family sports day every now and then? Let everybody show their moves and embody their love for swimming if you have a swimming prodigy in your brood. Seeing how the whole family is behind them can help boost a child’s morale and confidence in whatever sport they choose.
5. Maintain a healthy environment at home.
Another way to be supportive of your young athlete is to foster a healthy environment at home. This can be in the form of a balanced and nutritious diet, enough rest and sleep, a conducive space for training, and a positive and encouraging ambiance at home.  
6. Do not forget to acknowledge their hard work.
We all know how words of affirmation can help one get through hard times. One thing that gets a child more motivated is to hear how proud their parents are of them. Rewards don’t always have to be in the form of material things—hearing recognition and acknowledgment from you can keep their confidence level up.
While sports can be a serious undertaking, your child should have fun while doing it.
7. Provide them with more opportunities to grow and develop their skills. 
If your child wants to be a better athlete, provide them with training and growth opportunities to help hone their talent. Enroll them in sports classes or look for community groups or clubs they can join. 
If you’re ready to be the most supportive parent to your young athlete, check out these classes that may just be your kid’s stepping stone:
1. Game On Sports: Multi Sport and Focused Programs: This class offers a focused online sports program for gymnastics, football, rugby, boxing, basketball, muay thai, volleyball, taekwondo, and karate. Trial classes are also available.
2. Aspire Kickstart Football Training FREE CLASS: Got a football star-in-the-making in the family? Check out this online football class for kids aged 3 to 12 years old. Free trial classes are available too.
3. Patriots: Online Taekwondo Class: Not only is taekwondo a great sport to learn, it also teaches kids about self-defense especially during dangerous situations. In this class, your child will be taught by experts from Patriots-JSLayug Taekwondo, a recognized chapter of the Philippine Taekwondo Association. Martial arts classes are currently held via Zoom and can be in the form of a one-on-one or a group class.
4. Origins Athletics: Teen Kickboxing: This class offers a mix of Muay Thai, Western Kickboxing, and Karate among others. It’s perfect for kids who want to shake up their routine and learn different martial arts. Classes are held online every Thursday.
5. Axé Capoeira Philippines: Kids classes: Master the art of martial arts, music, and dance with this capoeira class. It will help kids improve their focus and coordination while learning about self-defense too.
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