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How to Make Gardening Fun for Your Kids

ByMonica OtayzaJanuary 30, 2023
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Gardening isn’t a therapeutic activity for adults – it’s equally beneficial for children. It allows them to create something beautiful, and gives them the opportunity to practice responsibility.
Growing a variety of flowers, plants, and vegetables can be a great way to bond with your children, as caring for a garden together can teach them important life lessons on patience and responsibility.
While gardening is a fun activity, it may take children some time to realize this. With so many other activities to do, toys to play with, and shows to watch, it can be quite the struggle to get them outdoors to tend to the garden.
Here are some tips to make gardening fun for your little ones:
1.) Have them Take Responsibility of the Garden
It can be easy for parents to step in and take responsibility for something when their children are learning new skills. However, children like being in control. They are curious beings that want to touch, feel, and smell everything – it’s important to let them.
Let your little one plant the seeds, pick the crops they want to grow, and water the plants. If they make a mess, it’s fine! They’re bound to grow through experiencing gardening first-hand.
2.) Insert Uninteresting Lessons First
While doing the dirty work will be fun for your little ones, there are several pointers they might consider boring. Get to the boring lessons first before doing all the fun, so you’re ensured they’re listening.
Boring lessons include learning about sunlight, monitoring soil conditions, draining, and other fun facts about the environment that they might not be interested in just yet. This is especially important when beginning to plant, as making sure the environmental conditions are perfect will help you avoid any mishaps in the process.
3.) Let Them Get Dirty
Parents always want to make sure their kids are safe, and that often includes trying to steer them away from germs and dirt. However, letting them play in the dirt is actually amusing to them, and it’s a way for them to have fun and explore the environment.
Younger children might be drawn to play in the dirt not because they enjoy it, but because it stimulates their developing brains. They love to feel and touch things, and dirt is something they’re curious about.
Playing with the dirt is learning through play. While it allows them to explore, it’s also an opportunity for you to teach them about boundaries. Tell them that while they’re allowed to play in the dirt, the grounds where you are gardening are off limits.
4.) Start with Plants with Practical Purposes
Kids get bored easily, and gardening isn’t an exception. Try to have them plant things that will motivate them to stay consistent and act responsibly. You can tell them that planting flowers could make great gifts, or planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be used at home.
Planting fruits and vegetables can also teach them about the importance of using fresh ingredients and of responsible farming practices. You can one day harvest your crops and cook or bake together, which is another fun learning experience for them.
5.) Have a Monitoring Chart at Home
For their efforts not to go to waste, having a monitoring chart at home can help you keep track of your little one’s progress in the garden. Constantly reminding them of their end goal can motivate them to stay consistent.
You can also have them keep a gardening journal, where they can take note of the things they did for the plant that day, and how their plants have changed since they last tended to it.
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Have fun!
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