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How To Raise A Child Who Loves To Read

ByJerni Camposano-GomezApril 18, 2022
dad and reading child
Reading is one of the most important skills a child will need to succeed in life. But it shouldn’t feel like they are drinking a nasty medicine. Instead, reading should be an activity that they truly enjoy and look forward to. 
Ahead, we list down some tips and tricks on how you can engage and encourage your little bean to fall and stay in love with reading:
1. Set the stage.
It’s okay to let them read in bed, but you can up the ante by creating a reading corner for them. A dedicated space for reading—decked with all the essentials such as a table and chair as well as bookshelves and storage boxes—can allow them to just sit there and read uninterruptedly as long as they want to. It’s your subtle way of making reading their choice of activity. 
2. Schedule a family book night. 
Use this time to show your child how fun and enjoyable reading can be. Bond over your shared love of books by reading stories together and sharing lessons afterward.
3. Consider books as the perfect gift to your child. 
Books make for memorable and meaningful gifts, especially when they cater to your child’s interests. Give them a reason to smile by wrapping books about their favorite things as a present on their birthday, during the holidays, or even just as a reward on ordinary days. 
4. Let them decide what books they want to read.
Yes, even if they’re reading the same book over and over. Reading provides a host of benefits to a child’s development, and rereading helps your young reader get more connected to a story and have a deeper understanding of it. So don’t worry if you feel like your kid’s playing favorites.
5. Choose books with good illustrations. 
Pictures and illustrations have a lot to do with a little one’s enjoyment of a book aside from attracting their attention. They provide information beyond the text, and younger kids get to “read” these pictures to help them advance in their reading journey.
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