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10 Indoor Play Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

ByJerni Camposano-GomezJanuary 27, 2022
child playing indoors
Play is more than just fun for kids. Beyond their enjoyment, play time creates positive effects on a kid’s physical, mental, and social health. Children also learn through play, with benefits ranging from brain development to developing social skills.
When we play with our little ones, we give them lots of opportunities to build their confidence and nurture their creativity. Of course, time spent playing with the family also fosters better connections.
Beat cabin fever by playing any (or all!) of these games and fun activities with the whole family!
1. Puzzles
Joan Miro 2-in-1 Magnetic Puzzle
Get everyone, especially the kids, to practice their problem-solving skills through puzzle games. Watch how their faces light up at the satisfaction of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. 
Choose puzzles that tell a story like this 2-in-1 Magnetic Puzzle that features two designs, each with 20 magnetic puzzle pieces. For toddlers, this Baby Puzzle includes 12 sets of animals and their babies. Kids can match babies and mommies according to colors and characters, making it a fun activity for both mama and bubba.
2. Building forts
Hamlet Kids Room Cylia Kids Teepee Tent
Give your child the magical experience of having their special hideout. Help them build a fort using a few items at home and lots of imagination and creativity. 
If you want to take the experience a notch higher, get them a teepee tent where they can play, sleep, relax, or just about anything they want to do in their “own space.” Give them the freedom to decorate it with cute and colorful items such as a hanging star decor, a carpet, and pillows.
3. Doodles and artworks
Joan Miro Doodling Book for Girls
Ahh, kids and their love for doodling and drawing—even when they really don’t know what they are creating. But that’s the beauty of this activity: letting your child’s imagination run wild. All you need are simple art materials like doodle books, crayons, and colored pencils.
4. Flash card games
MiDeer Wipe and Write Activity
Want to mix play and learning? Card games are great for that! There’s a ton of card games that can turn simple playtime to wonderful bonding and learning time. For example, this Wipe and Write Activity cards allow kids to learn how to count and write with its flash card set containing 26 cards. While for those who love Math, there are Wipe-Clean Learning Cards featuring Math operations such as addition and subtraction.
5. Cardboard costumes
Crafty Kids Shark DIY Wearable Cardboard Costume
Turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one by playing dress up using cardboard costumes of a character your kid adores. What about an ocean-themed day, with your little one as a baby shark in a Shark DIY Wearable Cardboard Costume? They can also be a giraffe or a triceratop
6. Science experiments
Science Can Primary Science Experiment Lab Set
Another way to mix play and learning is to let your kid experience being a scientist for a day! Turn your house into a science lab where your little bean get to experiment using a simple and safe Science Experiment Lab Set, which contains lab equipment such as a funnel, flask, petri dish, test tubes, measuring cup, goggles, complete manual, and other materials. They can also experiment and understand more about the solar system and space with the Amazing Universe Steam Experiment Kit.
7. Bubble play
Happy Bubbles Manila Giant Bubble Kit
For younger kids, an activity as simple as playing with bubbles can bring so much joy. But do you know that popping bubbles can do more than just make you happy? It’s a good exercise, especially when kids jump high to pop those bubbles up in the air, improving their motor skills and hand and foot-eye coordination. Get them this Giant Bubble Kit stat!
8. Pretend play
B. Toys Pet Vet - Doctor Kit
Does your child dream of becoming a veterinarian one day? Support their dream through make-believe plays, complete with a Doctor Kit. If they are keen to someday build a career as a chef, this Suitcase Kitchen Set is a great start, complete with kitchen accessories and tools, and fake barbecues, meats, and seafood! Toys that resemble objects from the real world give them the confidence to be anything they want to be!
9. Swimming
Bestway Ocean Life Swimming Pool
Another year of summer plans cancelled. Fret not though, as you can bring the beach vibe to your home with an inflatable swimming pool where your little splashers can have a really good time!
10. Board games
The Happy Fox Wooden Sudoku
If you want something that can unleash the competitive side of everyone in the family, board games are the way to go. Most board games are designed to make the players think—perfect to stimulate your child’s brain. Sudoku, for example, is a game that mixes numbers and puzzles, and challenges players to use logical thinking and decide quickly.
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