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International Day of Women and Girls in Science

ByNiño QuizonFebruary 10, 2023
asian little girl pretend playing as a doctor
The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated annually on February 11th. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to recognize the critical role of women and girls in science and technology and to promote gender equality in these fields.
The day aims to raise awareness about the need to remove gender-based barriers and to encourage more girls to consider careers in STEM. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women scientists and to highlight the important contributions that women make to scientific advancement and technological innovation.
It is important to empower little girls to consider careers in STEM for several reasons:
Closing the gender gap: Encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM can help close the gender gap in these fields, which are traditionally male-dominated.
Diverse perspectives: A diverse workforce, including women and girls in STEM, brings a range of perspectives and ideas to the table, leading to better decision-making and innovation.
Better representation: Empowering girls in STEM can help to ensure that their perspectives and experiences are represented in the development of technology and scientific research.
Career opportunities: STEM fields offer a wealth of career opportunities, and empowering girls to consider these careers can help them access high-paying jobs and achieve financial independence.
Tackling global challenges: Encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers can help address global challenges such as climate change, health and sustainability. By encouraging more girls to become scientists and engineers, we can increase the pool of talent working on these important issues.
The theme for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science changes each year to reflect current challenges and opportunities, this year, it’s "Women Scientists at the forefront of the COVID-19 response". On this day, events and activities are held around the world to promote gender equality in STEM and to inspire girls to pursue careers in science and technology. These events can include public talks, workshops, science fairs, and mentorship programs.
As parents, here are some ways to encourage your little girls to like science:
Start early: Introduce science to girls at an early age through fun and interactive activities such as visiting science museums, conducting simple experiments, or exploring the natural world.
Role models: Provide girls with role models in STEM, such as female scientists, engineers or mathematicians. This can help to show girls that women can excel in these fields and give them a sense of what a career in STEM might look like.
Hands-on learning: Encourage hands-on learning through practical projects and experiments, which can help to make science more engaging and accessible for girls.
Collaborative learning: Create opportunities for girls to work in groups or with mentors on science projects, which can foster a sense of community and belonging in STEM.
Encourage questions: Encourage girls to ask questions and engage in scientific inquiry, which can help to develop their critical thinking skills and foster a love of learning.
It's worth noting that despite progress in recent years, significant gender disparities still exist in STEM fields. Women are underrepresented in STEM education and careers, and face numerous barriers such as gender-based discrimination, unconscious bias, and lack of support and mentorship.
To address these challenges, it's important to invest in girls' education and to provide them with access to STEM resources, role models and mentors. By promoting gender equality in STEM and empowering girls to pursue careers in these fields, we can build a more diverse and inclusive scientific community that better reflects the societies it serves.
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