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Level Up Playtime with these Wooden Food Toys from Anko

ByMonica OtayzaNovember 25, 2022
Little girl pretend playing with wooden kitchen toys
Pretend play is an integral part of a child’s development, allowing them to exercise creativity and use their imagination. With the cost of living seemingly increasing every single day, it’s best to invest in timeless, quality pieces that grow with your child, and can be passed on from one child to another, too!
Instead of the usual plastic food and kitchen toys you can find in the market, why not save yourself money in the long run by buying wooden toy sets from Anko instead? Not only are they more eco-friendly, but they are also sustainable and intended for long-time use by your children.
Here are some of the best-selling Wooden Toy Sets from Anko on edamama:
1.) 15-Piece Wooden Sushi Set (Php799)
Start them young! Introduce your family’s favorite cuisine to your little ones with this 15-piece Wooden Sushi Set. They’ll be able to practice using chopsticks, and mimic eating at your favorite Japanese restaurant by using a bento box to eat a variety of sushi and sashimi. It comes with a pretend soy sauce bottle which they can use to “sprinkle” their meals with, too!
2.) 18-Piece Wooden Ice-Cream Shop (Php2159)
This Wooden Ice Cream Shop is perfect for little ones who love desserts and enjoy setting up their own “store.” Have the entire family join in on some pretend play, with your little one running their own ice cream store and the older kids and adults showing support by buying some ice cream cones.
3.) 11-Piece Wooden Unicorn Cake Set (Php619)
Anko’s Wooden Unicorn Cake Set is a perfect toy to have, especially during special family occasions. Have your little one “bake” the cake and serve it to the celebrant at home, and you’re bound to have a worthwhile picture-perfect moment.
4.) Wooden Picnic Set (Php2179)
This picnic set is a great playdate activity for your kids to have with their friends, or with the family at the park. It develops gross motor skills, sensory, tactile, and free play, and is best for kids 18+ months.
5.) Wooden Tea Set (Php1099)
Have your little one gather the entire family for some afternoon tea with this Wooden Tea Set. Make it seem like the real thing by dressing up in dainty outfits that match the cute, well-detailed tea set.
6.) Wooden Pre-Cut Play Food (Php599)
Every child has memories of pretend-cutting some food. This wooden play set allows them to cut up some fruits, particularly a strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, orange, lemon, and pear!
7.) Wooden Pots and Pans Set (Php979)
Have your little one cook up a meal for you with the wooden pots and pans set. It comes with wooden ingredients which they can choose from to cook up a meal, which sparks their imagination and allows them to get creative with their meal planning!
Anko believes that inspiration and joy can be found in every corner of the home. They believe in sharing simple joys that make everyday living brighter, and these wooden toy sets are definitely proof of that!
Brighten your children’s childhoods with these practical and useful wooden toys that are of great quality without breaking the bank. That’s exactly what Anko does – provide functional and minimalist pieces at prices that you and your family can enjoy.
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