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Mama and Baby Faves You Need To Check Out!

ByMara SyMarch 9, 2024
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Finding the right items that will help you have an easier parenting journey can be challenging! Thankfully, here at edamama, we feature the best mama and baby brands that we believe would be of great value to your everyday life. From today to March 13, you and your family can enjoy a wide variety of items with discounts of up to 40% off from featured brands! Products like parenting essentials and baby care to home and kitchen innovations, and creative furnishings, these selections will provide you the opportunity to make parenting more fun!

Parenting Essentials and Baby Care

It is a given that parents want their children to feel safe and comfortable at all times. Here are products that offer high-quality parenting essentials in order for their little ones to have the best experience possible. 
Chicco is known for their mama and baby products that aim to make the hectic lives of a parent way easier. One way to do this is by offering their Mini Bravo Sport Travel System which is an essential to all parents who are always on-the-go! With its easy and lightweight system, every journey is simpler and bearable. It’s very travel friendly and folding is possible with even just one hand! This item is on sale with a discount of 25% off.
Pigeon carefully crafts their product with love for families to experience convenience and comfort. Their best line of products consists of nipples and baby bottles that have amazing features. Starting off with the Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple Small (3pcs) and Pigeon Wideneck Version 3 Nipple Box 2pcs (3 months+). Both are created to functionally mimic the movements of babies when they are breastfeeding from their mamas. 
The featured baby bottles of Pigeon have two kinds – one is the RPP Blue Bottle and the other is the Wideneck Version 3. Both the Pigeon RPP Blue Bottle Medium 4-Pack (240ml) and Pigeon RPP Blue Bottle Twin Pack 240ml (M) are made of Polypropylene (PP) material for your little one to have a better grip onto it. The attached nipples are also tailored to not confuse babies when it comes to the natural motion they do as they drink milk from their mamas. Meanwhile, the Pigeon Wideneck Version 3 PP Pro Bottle (330ml)is an upgraded version of baby bottles that come from a research study on appropriate latching and patterning the nipple closest to a mama’s breast. Head towards our website to enjoy all items mentioned above with a 10% discount!

Home and Kitchen Innovations

Technology really plays a big role in one’s parenting journey. It helps by making your routine more efficient which allows you to have more control over your daily errands or tasks! These are items from known brands that enhance the daily life of parents by using state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and maximizing practical home furnishings.
Big Brute
When it comes to innovative and modern kitchen appliances, Big Brute is the brand to go! Their line of items are designated to become the best possible solution for the everyday needs of mamas and papas. 
The Big Brute Air Fryer (2L) and Big Brute Digital Multi Cooker / Digital Rice Cooker Fully Automatic Multi-Functional will satisfy every parent who finds delight in preparing their family’s meal as these will serve as your buddies when cooking delicious food. Other appliances of Big Brute include the Big Brute Air Cooler Digital with Remote Heavy Duty (20L) to keep you warm on a very hot day. 
For mamas and papas who consistently want their precious one’s baby bottles to be sterilized, the Big Brute Digital Steam Sterilizeris the best accessory to purchase! After washing bottles like the Big Brute PPSU Baby Bottle (240ml), simply place them inside the basket and start the machine. It reduces germs and makes baby bottles free from bacteria. All items of Big Brute mentioned above are now being offered with a discounted rate of 20%!
Sunbeams Lifestyle
Sunbeams Lifestyle offers practical home furnishings that seamlessly integrate into one’s daily life – making your home a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space to live in.  
For the food supplies in the kitchen, the Sunbeams Lifestyle Slique Airtight Square Food Container (Microwave Safe) (650 ml) and Sunbeams Lifestyle Slique Airtight Rice Storage Container are the ideal containers to preserve your food! Meanwhile, the Sunbeams Lifestyle Nest Design Lab Knit Basket (4L) are best used for organizing books, storage of small toys, and even laundry items.
Sunbeams Lifestyle also offers their very own Sunbeams Lifestyle Nest Design Lab Oval Dining Table Set that is very durable and ideal for everyday use. It has a simple but modern design and can match any kind of home decor. Don’t miss out that they also have the Sunbeams Lifestyle Slique Rice Cooker Mechanical Deluxe (1.8L) which features convenient button controls. Check out Sunbeams Lifestyle at our website and enjoy items of up to 40% off!

Creative Space for Your Little One

Harper & Chase
Allot a space at home to boost your little one’s creativity! Harper & Chase offers items that enhance your home and make it a healthy learning environment. One of the featured products is the Harper & Chase Wooden Lego Table which is a table for both storing and playing legos. It keeps your little one’s toys organized and secured. Another is the Harper & Chase Multi-Functional Blackboard & Whiteboard Learning Easel Stand with Cloth Bins that serves as an effective way for your child to learn and have fun at the same time. Avail these items with a 20% discount during this New Mama and Baby campaign!
Having all the products be featured above, every mama and papa now have better options to choose from as they look for the best items to make their parenting journey easier. Visit www.edamama.ph today and add these items to your cart! Don’t miss out this opportunity to checkout while they have discounts running. Enjoy shopping!
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