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Mama Checklist: 8 New Year tasks To Do

ByMica ValledorDecember 27, 2022
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The end of the year is just around the corner, mamas. Just like that, another year has gone by. That’s tons of memories, good and bad moments, events, and everything else. But, as the year comes to a close, you have to begin getting ready for the upcoming year ahead. That’s another round of memories, moments, school days, work days, appointments and meetings, payments or bills to settle, vacations, and celebrations to get ready for.
With so many things to prepare for and get ready, it can easily become confused, overwhelmed, and even stressed out. That’s where having a mommy checklist comes in. Whether you need to remind yourself to breath, make a list of resolutions, or need a list of tasks you need to tick off the list, having a checklist for New Years can prove helpful.
Now, as the year ends and another one is soon to start, this checklist is something you should do right now. The sooner you can get things done, the sooner you can weed out things you don’t need to do over the things you should prioritize. But, if you don’t know where to start, worry not for we’ve got you! We’ve listed some things you can include in your own New Year checklists or at least give you an idea as to what you can put in yours. Read on to find out more!
Schedule annual checkups
As every mama knows, health is wealth, and as a mama, you have to make sure that everyone in the family gets their annual check ups done. Ensuring that everyone’s annual checkups are done helps any mom rest easier at night since this means they can take the extra measures needed to make sure that everyone in the family is in tip top shape.
Find ways to keep kids active and motivated
Keeping your little ones happy, motivated, and active can sometimes be difficult, especially if they’re the type to get bored with activities quickly. But, as a mama, you need to help find ways or figure out how to keep them, and more importantly, their minds, inspired, on the go, and stimulated. By doing so, you help in the development of their skills, their interests, and their overall development.
Plot out all family and personal appointments
Just like medical checkups, it’s quite helpful to plan and plot out all the major or important goings on throughout the year. By doing that, you can make sure that everyone in your family, yourself included, can go about the year in a more orderly and organized fashion. From ensuring you have a car to use on coding days, to making sure that everyone has a ride to and from their events and appointments, plotting yours and your families appointments helps you all in the long run and it helps lessen the chaos.
Ensure everything your kids need for the upcoming school terms is ready
School days are as chaotic as they are fun. That’s because as kids grow up and progress, they will end up needing more items and materials to help them get their work done in school. Be it cartolina paper and art supplies, school books and necessary supplies, or even school shoes and other standard schoolwear, it’s a mamas job to make sure that all these things are ready or at least available when a kid needs it.
Putting this on your to do list ensures that you alott enough time to make sure you get these items and lessens the stress of having to do it last minute.
Donate old clothes before getting new ones
With every year that passes, every parent can expect to get their kids a new mountain of clothes that they need since they’ve most likely outgrown the last set of clothes they get. But, what happens to all the old clothes that the kids (and the rest of the family) don’t use anymore?
Instead of throwing away the old used clothes, you can opt to donate them. By putting this action in your New Year calendar, you can schedule some time to make sure this actually happens and this helps you find a charity you can donate to as well. This action can also be an activity or a teaching moment you can have with your kids so they can learn a thing or two about generosity and charitable acts.
Schedule meetups with family members or other loved ones
Making time for family and friends is a great privilege but one privilege that we often overlook, especially with our busy schedules. That’s why it’s helpful to put this action into the mama new year calendar; when you do it, you make it easier for you to remember which relative or friend to visit and when you can do so. Motherhood isn’t easy, but making a checklist of things to do, such as planning family visits, definitely makes it easier!
Plan out yearly family trips
At some point in the year, you and your family members will need a break so you can all just rest and relax. But, with every vacation comes the stress of planning out where to go, when to go, and what to do when you get there. Planning out these trips early on, even if you just “draft” the details, keeps you from stressing out later on when you finally do get closer to the travel dates.
Make time for you
Last, but certainly not the least, is one activity that every mama struggles with at some point, if not forgets about completely. That’s the act of making time for yourself. Every mama spends so much time and effort ensuring that everyone is alright and have everything they need that they forget to take breath and have a moment for themselves.
That’s why it’s vital to put this on a New Year checklist as, while it may be a simple task, it’s one that helps any and every mama stay happy and healthy while taking the best care of everyone in the family.
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