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Mama Divine Lee Shares Why Having “Me Time” as a Mama Matters and How You Can Integrate it Daily

ByMonica OtayzaJanuary 20, 2023
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The term “super mama” is the perfect way to describe mothers. Mamas can do everything!
From the moment they wake up in the morning to the time they finally get to rest their head on the pillow after a long day, mamas think of their families more than anything else. They do all the unpaid work at home, and take on most of the mental load that silently keeps the family afloat.
In the midst of it all, it’s easy for mamas to forget to take time to breathe and care for themselves. “I just don’t have the time! Paano ko pa masisingit ang ‘me-time’ sa schedule ko?’” you might be thinking.
Me-time doesn’t always have to be extravagant, mama. Whether you’re able to take a day for yourself or just as little as five minutes, me-time is still me-time – the most important thing is that you’re pausing to give yourself much-deserved rest and appreciation.
For celebrity mama Divine Lee, she feels good when she feels pretty. While she admits that this might not be the case for everyone, it’s something that resonates with her. “When I feel pretty, when I feel good, that radiates sa family and sa work ko,” she shared.
Whenever mama Divine takes a day off by heading to the mall or the beauty salon, she instantly feels beautiful, and that makes her feel recharged and ready to take on the load of being a mother (among many other things) again.
Mama Divine notes that her four-year-old son thinks that every time she goes out, it’s for some “me-time.” It also somehow tells him that when mama gets home, she’s happy, she’s recharged, and she’s ready to play!
If you’re like mama Divine who sees “me-time” as a trip to the salon, or to the spa, go for it mama! You deserve to take a couple hours out of your day to make yourself feel beautiful.
After all, when you’re tending to other people every single day, it can be easy to lose yourself in the chaos. You might find yourself looking in the mirror and reminiscing about the times you actually had all the time in the world to care for yourself.
Shake those feelings off, mama! Accept them, embrace your reality, and say to yourself: “I am beautiful and I deserve the love I give everybody else.” Because that’s what you deserve, mama. You’re a strong, beautiful woman who is greatly loved and appreciated by your family and friends.
Whatever it is that makes you happy, and whatever it is that makes you feel “cared for,” do it as much as you can. Whether that’s getting a mani-pedi, soaking in a bubble bath, lighting a candle, doing some retail therapy, or having a coffee date alone or with your friends, do what you love, and watch it work wonders for your mental health and ultimately, for your family life, too.
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