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Mommy Diaries: Ciara Magallanes and Her Journey

ByNiño QuizonMarch 31, 2023
Mommy Diaries PH Ciara Magallanes

Inspiration and Humility in a Journey

Ciara Magallanes was a consistent Dean’s Lister in De La Salle - College of St. Benilde and to top that, she also graduated with honors. It’s no doubt that every student had a long journey with ups and downs in their academic lives. Let alone in any path, people will encounter challenges before achievements are sowed. And for Ciara, that journey didn’t end with her student life. In fact, her story was just beginning after graduation.
Ciara is now a successful start-up business owner and content creator. Being in two fields may be exhausting but she has the energy to inspire others through those. These wins didn’t come easy though as Ciara had a humble journey to make her victories sweeter. She started her career in the corporate world. And after deciding to pursue a run in business, she then started to be a palengke vendor together with her husband. That move opened a door full of challenges but she was ready to conquer and become a Mama Who Win.

Faith is Key

Ciara’s definition of success is unique and inspiring. In both her fields, she values instances where she was able to touch others be it financially or emotionally. It would not be surprising to hear the importance of those accomplishments from her because Ciara’s journey is full of selfless acts too.
It has been a long journey for Ciara when it comes to her business career and adding content creation to her life. Things may have improved a lot but to this day, Ciara doesn’t forget how her story went. She would still cry to her husband as they remember their obstacles and struggles in the past years. She always considers their path to be humbling and the couple are very appreciative of their present through their past.
Starting the business career as palengke vendors was no easy task. But Ciara and her husband simply took the struggles side by side. They held onto each other, cheered for each other, lifted each others’ spirits. What they went through was a challenge but they had each other and their trust in Him. Having faith in herself for her career and in God was key. Yet having the faith of others in her, like her husband’s, was an important part of her success too. Faith in her journey was a two-way element and this reflected on how she sees her success.

A Selfless and Positive Image

Ciara considers herself to be very blessed for her achievements. Her humbling story made it known to her it’s perfect timing that God has given her the means to give the same opportunity to others. That’s why the next chapter of her journey is to still continue living her dream of helping others in their own simple ways. A purpose of giving back built Ciara and she will continue that dream for her family, for God, and for others.
Spreading positivity has been the result of Ciara’s success. But instilling positivity to herself is also needed for that success to be made into reality. As from the words of Ciara Magallanes to her fellow mamas, “It’s easy to say ‘Don’t mind what others are saying.’ I have been through it and it’s easier said than done. One thing to keep you going through all those outside forces is to never stop dreaming. They say success is the sweetest revenge but don’t work hard for revenge. Do it for you, do it for your family, loved ones and for your goal. it’s easier to soar with a happy and peaceful heart.”
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