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Most Loved Products By The edamama Circle Mamas

ByJerni Camposano-GomezNovember 29, 2022
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Every mama has her own struggles and challenges. The many hats we wear at home — teacher, nurse, chef, personal stylist, travel agent, driver, and more — truly prove that motherhood takes learning on the job to another level. But ticking one item after another off our seemingly never-ending to-do list can leave us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
Navigating motherhood becomes so much easier when you have people who are rooting for you and offer you the best support system. It gets better if you have a mama tribe who understands that there are days tougher than the others.
The edamama Circle, for one, is a community of mamas who go through the same motherhood journey and encourage each other by exchanging parenting hacks and tips. They also share recommendations of mama-trusted and loved brands and products that can make our motherhood load a little lighter.
Check out some of the products they vouch for:
1. Soffell Mosquito Repellent Lotion Set of 3 60ml (Appely, Pinky, Orangee)
Mamas know how stressful it can be dealing with pesky mosquito bites and worse, dengue fever. This mosquito repellent lotion from Soffell offers double protection that can last up to 8 hours. It’s also safe to use on our little one’s skin as it contains a special moisturizer.
2. Cetaphil Brightening Night Comfort Cream (50g)
Becoming a mama doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare routine. Stay visibly luminous and radiant with a night cream that serves as a cushion to your skin, brightening and evening out your skin tone.
3. Closeup White Attraction Toothpaste Natural Smile (100g)
How can you teach your child to take care of their pearly whites when you yourself don’t do it? Keep your teeth healthy and strong with a toothpaste that provides a solution for those looking for a natural whitening solution, home remedies for yellow teeth, and fresher breath.
4. Moist Diane Extra Hair Fall Control Shampoo (450ml)
Hair fall is one of the most common problems of women who just gave birth. This hair fall control shampoo contains organic argan oil and mango seed oil to control hair loss, protect scalp, and repair damaged hair. It can also prevent hair fall, protect hair strands, and keep scalp moisturized.
5. Emco Musli Oat Biscuits Bundle of 6 (60g)
Need healthy snacks in between nursing sessions or during late-night feedings? This oat biscuit is loaded with chocolate bits and 40% oat flakes, and contains B vitamins, Beta-Glucan Fiber, and Omega-3.
6. Lightwater Electrolyte Enhanced Water (650 ml) (Pack of 6)
With so many things to accomplish on a daily basis, mamas should never forget to drink water. Hydrate your body with Lightwater, which contains pure water and electrolytes (calcium, potassium, and magnesium).
7. Naturearth Lactokies
Breastfeeding mamas, this one’s for you. This lactation cookie not only helps you produce more breastmilk, but it’s as delicious as heaven! Imagine munching on something that’s made up of oatmeal, Hershey's choco chips, locally grown malunggay, and sweeteners. It’s also highly recommended by lactation consultants and nursing mothers.
8. Pocky Assorted Snacks (3 pcs)
A staple in many school kids' baon, Pocky is well-loved because of the light texture of its baked pretzel that is richly coated with chocolate, strawberry, and others. Make sure to have a stash of this treat as you will love it too, mama!
9. Moringa-O2 Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan Oil (200ml)
Do not let dandruff get in the way of your confidence. Use this herbal 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that rebalances the microbiota for a healthy and strong scalp. It soothes irritated scalp, normalizes sebum production, and reduces dandruff flakes.
10. Econtainer Birchwood Cutlery Set Compostable and Eco-friendly - Pack of 50
Going on a picnic with the family? Ditch the plastics and opt for eco-friendly (and aesthetically-pleasing) cutlery options. The ones from Econtainer are made from Sugarcane Bagasse, which is composable within 45 days!
11. Kleenfant Antibacterial Baby Laundry Wash Liquid Detergent (1L)
We are so protective of our little beans that even the laundry detergent used to wash their clothes should be in good quality. This antibacterial laundry detergent is made with deionized water, plant-based surfactant, antibacterial ingredients, aloe vera, and hypoallergenic baby fragrance — all safe for your baby’s gentle and sensitive skin.
12. Anko Runabout Stroller Black
It’s the hottest new stroller in town. Priced at only P2,469, this Anko stroller is compact, convenient, easy to set up, packed with safety features, easy to clean and maintain, and boasts of great reviews from moms!
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